Is Joe Jonas Truly Supportive Of Sophie Turner’s New Romance?

Explore the evolving dynamics of Sophie Turner’s new romance and Joe Jonas’s alleged support, from divorce to coparenting, in the world of celebrity relationships and

By Amitabh Mukherji
December 9,2023
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Sophie Turner, the renowned Game of Thrones star, has been making headlines with her new romance with British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson. While her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, initially had reservations about her swift transition to a new relationship, it appears that he has come to terms with it and now fully supports Sophie’s newfound love. Let’s delve into the details of this evolving romantic situation.

From Divorce to New Love: Sophie Turner’s Journey

Sophie Turner

In September of this year, Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner, marking the end of their marriage. By October, rumors began circulating when Sophie was spotted sharing a kiss with Peregrine Pearson. Initially, Joe reportedly expressed his discomfort with Sophie moving on so swiftly after their separation. However, as time has passed, it seems that Joe has embraced a more supportive stance towards Sophie’s new relationship.

According to sources, including reports from Daily Mail, Sophie Turner was recently seen sharing an intimate moment with Peregrine Pearson, further confirming their dating status. An insider close to Joe Jonas revealed to the media outlet, “Joe supports whatever choices she makes, and if she is happy, he is happy. He loves his girls and his time with them and is about to wrap up [the Jonas Brothers] tour tomorrow night in Brooklyn.”

Custody Battles and Mutual Understanding

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce and subsequent custody battles had been widely discussed on social media and in the tabloids, creating quite a tumultuous period. However, it appears that both parties have made progress in reaching a mutual understanding, particularly concerning their daughters.

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner

Regarding the custody battle and their shared responsibilities, the insider shared that Joe is now doing well, and he and Sophie have arrived at an amicable agreement. While Sophie Turner was initially spotted with Peregrine Pearson, a source close to Joe expressed that he had little interest in playing games or participating in any public romantic endeavors. Instead, he emphasized his commitment to his children and their well-being. Despite the initial shock of Sophie’s swift move into a new relationship, Joe Jonas has chosen to rise above any potential hurt or negativity, prioritizing his role as a father.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson’s recent public display of affection in London showcases their growing connection, as they embrace the winter weather while enjoying each other’s company. While their relationship continues to evolve, Joe Jonas’s support for Sophie’s happiness remains unwavering, emphasizing the importance of moving forward positively, especially when children are involved.