Is John Cena’s Return As Peacemaker In The DCU A Wise Move?

Get the inside scoop on John Cena’s confirmed return as Peacemaker in the DC Universe, courtesy of James Gunn’s announcement

By Amitabh Mukherji
September 28,2023
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The DC Universe has been abuzz with speculation about John Cena‘s future as Peacemaker. After a successful first season of the show, fans were left wondering whether Cena would return for Season 2, especially considering the impending DC reboot. In a May 2023 statement, Cena himself had played coy about his future in the DC Universe. However, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has now put these speculations to rest with a clear confirmation.

James Gunn’s Confirmation


In a recent post, James Gunn directly confirmed that John Cena will indeed be part of the rebooted DC Universe, reprising his role as Christopher Smith, also known as Peacemaker. Gunn’s announcement also included the return of Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

Gunn went on to clarify that while some actors will be playing characters they’ve portrayed in other DC stories, and certain plot points may align with previous DC projects, nothing is considered canon until “Creature Commandos” and “Superman: Legacy” are released.

What To Expect In Peacemaker Season 2


James Gunn’s confirmation about John Cena’s return as Peacemaker in the DC Universe brings excitement and clarity to fans. While questions about what’s considered canon in Peacemaker’s story may persist, Season 2 is expected to address this matter, with Gunn actively involved in the show’s development.

It’s likely that DC Studios will brand Peacemaker Season 2 differently to distinguish it as a soft reboot, similar to Marvel Studios’ approach with “Daredevil: Born Again” to separate it from the Netflix’s Defenders shows.

With Season 1 having concluded a complete story, Season 2 presents numerous storytelling opportunities. Fans can anticipate the introduction of new villains and allies while maintaining essential elements from the first season, such as Amanda Waller’s role and the return of characters like Emilia Harcourt and Vigilante.

As for the release date, James Gunn’s commitments to developing “Superman: Legacy” will delay his involvement in crafting ideas for Peacemaker Season 2. Therefore, it may be some time before fans learn about the next adventures of John Cena’s titular vigilante.