Is Lenore Zann’s Return To X-Men ’97 Season 2 A Nostalgic Nod Or A Missed Opportunity?

Explore the controversy surrounding Lenore Zann’s return as Rogue in X-Men ’97 Season 2.

By Akshay Sharma
December 8,2023
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The highly anticipated X-Men ’97 show on Disney+ has been making waves even before its official release. Fans of the beloved ’90s animated series were thrilled when Season 2 was confirmed for development in February 2023, promising to bring back the core essence of the X-Men. Now, a recent update from one of the show’s stars has added to the excitement surrounding this animated revival.

Lenore Zann’s Return as Rogue

Lenore Zann

Lenore Zann, the original voice actress for Rogue in the iconic X-Men: The Animated Series, took to social media to share a thrilling announcement. She posted a selfie from a recording studio, revealing that she’s back to record lines for Season 2 of X-Men ’97. In her post, Zann expressed her happiness about returning to the studio and hinted at the quality of the upcoming show, stating that fans will “love our new show as much as I do.”

The image she shared in her post features her in a Letterman-style jacket with Rogue’s emblem embroidered on one side and a large X on the other, symbolizing her commitment to the role and the X-Men franchise. This announcement comes after Zann previously confirmed in August 2023 that production for Season 2 had commenced, marking her second time reprising the role of Rogue under Marvel Studios’ supervision.

Anticipating the Debut of X-Men ’97 Season 2

Marvel Studios Is Eyeing Multiple Seasons Of "X-Men '97" Reboot!
X-Men ’97 Season 2

While the news of Season 2’s development has undoubtedly thrilled fans, there is still some time to wait before its debut on Disney+. Season 1 of X-Men ’97 is set to premiere in 2024, with a vague release window of “early” in the year. However, a specific date has not been announced yet.

One reason for this uncertainty could be Marvel’s strategy of scheduling releases. The release of What If…? Season 2 on Disney+ between December 22 and December 30 might influence the premiere date of X-Men ’97 Season 2. Marvel might want to avoid overcrowding its releases to ensure each show receives the attention it deserves. Consequently, fans may have to wait until February or March at the earliest for the X-Men revival.

Despite potential delays, the X-Men have been gaining prominence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially with the upcoming release of Deadpool 3. Marvel is likely to keep the momentum going for the animated X-Men revival to capitalize on this resurgence of interest in the mutants.

Moreover, Lenore Zann’s teasing of a “wild” first batch of episodes has raised the bar of expectations for fans eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite mutant heroes. With multiple confirmed seasons in the pipeline, X-Men ’97 is set to be a treat for fans, both old and new, in the coming years.

In conclusion, X-Men ’97 Season 2 is on the horizon, and fans of the X-Men franchise have every reason to be excited. Lenore Zann’s return as Rogue adds a personal touch to the show, connecting it to the cherished animated series of the ’90s. While the exact release date remains uncertain, the promise of an engaging and thrilling revival of the X-Men universe ensures that the wait will be worth it. Marvel Studios continues to expand its offerings, keeping the X-Men in the spotlight, and fans can look forward to more adventures with their favorite mutants in the years to come.