Is Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion Setting Up A Darker And Edgier MCU?

Get The Official Plot Synopsis For Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, The MCU’s First Official Streaming Crossover Event Coming To Disney+

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 3,2023

Marvel Studios has officially released the plot synopsis for the upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion. The show will be the MCU’s first official streaming crossover event and promises to bring the Skrull invasion from the comics to life.

Nick Fury And Talos In Secret Invasion

Nick Fury will restore SHIELD
Nick Fury will restore SHIELD

The series takes place in the present day MCU and follows Nick Fury as he teams up with Everett Ross, Maria Hill, and Talos to stop a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls from invading and taking over Earth. The show promises to be an “espionage thriller” and will explore the darker and more mature storyline from the Marvel Comics.

How Dark Will Disney+’s Secret Invasion Get?

Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury Looks Different In New Photos From Secret Invasion Set
 Secret Invasion 

Many fans are hoping for a darker and more mature vibe from the Disney+ series, and the use of “espionage thriller” in the synopsis suggests that it could be similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The new trailer for Secret Invasion, which features Emilia Clarke’s character G’iah, hints at a dangerous world where Skrull Invasion threatens humanity. The show promises to deliver the “spy thriller” feel that fans have loved in the MCU.

The show’s cast and crew are excited about the upcoming event and promise plenty of wild reveals, including the possibility of Skrull imposters among the MCU characters. With loads of new information being revealed ahead of its release on June 21, Secret Invasion promises to be the MCU’s biggest adventure on Disney+ yet.