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Is Moon Knight’s Real Name Steven? Latest Trailer Has A Lot To Explore

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 20,2022

Steven is clearly not Moon Knight’s real name. However, the title character of the upcoming series was given this name in the latest trailer. Marc Spector is a mercenary who was revived by the Egyptian moon god to be his champion. Notwithstanding, he is also the man behind the mask in Marvel Comics. When an unnamed character called him “Marc” in the footage, it implied that the MCU incarnation of the Marvel Comics vigilante would also be called “Marc.”

Is it Steven Grant Or Marc Spector?



The upcoming series starring Oscar Isaac as the Crescent Crusader, promises to be a standout in the MCU. The mystery of the character’s identity and the character’s mental illness seem to be the main themes of the trailer. His origin story in the MCU has yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, Moon Knight will start as a gift-shop employee plagued by strange dreams and visions. He introduced himself as Steven to a coworker in the trailer. The fact that Marc Spector’s real name is revealed may confuse some people.

The character’s mental illness can explain why he has two names in the MCU. To hide his secret life as Moon Knight, Marc developed dissociative identity disorder by taking on two different personas in the comics. The Disney+ show starring Moon Knight has taken on the persona of Steven Grant, one of these aliases. There are clearly a lot of changes taking place in the series. British millionaire and rake inn “Steven Grant” was the main character in the original story. As Moon Knight, he relied on his alter ego, Steven, for the money he needed to fight crime.

Why The British Accent?

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The MCU’s Steven Grant is very different from the one Moon Knight uses in the comic books, as he is clearly not wealthy. While this persona has evolved, one aspect of this persona hasn’t changed much. His British accent can be heard in the Moon Knight trailer. Since Moon Knight is expected to be American in the MCU it is more likely that Marc’s mental condition is responsible for the accent.

What does this all mean for the plot? Steven, rather than Marc, will be the one to solve the Moon Knight mystery. If this is the case, Marc may have already traveled to Egypt, acquired his abilities, and taken on the guise of Moon Knight by the time of the first episode. Steven, the persona he has assumed since childhood, has no idea who he really is or what he has become capable of. The experiences that shaped Marc into the MCU’s Moon Knight can be explored with Steven.

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