Is Patrick Stewart’s Professor X Return A Risky Move For Marvel?

Explore the controversy surrounding Patrick Stewart’s potential return as Professor X in the MCU and the fan disappointment following his recent appearance in “Doctor Strange

By Akshay Sharma
December 2,2023
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Patrick Stewart, renowned for his portrayal of Professor X in the X-Men films, recently expressed his openness to returning to the role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Despite fan disappointment in his recent appearance in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” Stewart remains optimistic about the character’s future.

A Disappointing Comeback in “Doctor Strange”

Professor X's Dark Side Could Be Explored In The MCU
Professor X

Patrick Stewart, whose charismatic performance as Professor X left an indelible mark on the X-Men film series, made a surprising return in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” However, this comeback was met with widespread disappointment among fans who felt it was a missed opportunity for the character.

Stewart’s Openness to Reprising the Role

Patrick Stewart as Professor X
Patrick Stewart as Professor X

In an interview on Etalk, Patrick Stewart discussed the possibility of returning as Professor X in the MCU. He expressed his willingness to reprise the role and playfully acknowledged how many times his character has died and returned throughout the franchise. Despite his openness, many fans remained skeptical, given the underwhelming treatment of Professor X in his recent appearance.

Reunion with Ian McKellen: Plans for the Future

Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart’s potential return as Professor X isn’t the only exciting news for X-Men fans. He teased that he and Ian McKellen, who portrayed Magneto, have plans to reunite in the world of mutants. While the specifics remain uncertain, the prospect of seeing these two iconic actors together again has generated considerable anticipation among fans.

Whether these plans materialize in an upcoming MCU film, possibly in “Deadpool 3,” remains to be seen. The X-Men universe is poised for new possibilities, and fans hope for a revival of the beloved characters that once graced the silver screen.