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Is Scarlet Witch A Villain In Doctor Strange 2? Trailer Supports MCU Theory

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 15,2022

The Multiverse of Madness trailer suggests that Scarlet Witch will be a major character in Phase 4. When it comes to the second trailer, there’s more of Wanda Maximoff, both dressed as the Scarlet Witch and without. This is so as Stephen Strange seeks her out to help him fight a multiverse menace. A few key details from the Doctor Strange 2 trailer, including Wanda’s comments, seem to indicate that she may not be as helpful as Doctor Strange had hoped.

Wanda’s story in the comics and the MCU has been one of constant loss. She sacrificed her own happiness once again to free the people of Westview in WandaVision’s miniseries. This highlights the many sacrifices she has made in her life. That doesn’t necessarily mean she was the show’s villain. This is because she was initially unaware of how she created the illusions and ultimately opted to offer them up, even though it meant saying goodbye to Vision and her kids. Despite the heroic decision she made at the time, some audiences have questioned if a truly evil path was in store for her.

The Trailer Reveals It All

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 2 trailer reveals the Scarlet Witch

The trailer for Doctor Strange 2 suggests that Scarlet Witch will turn into a villain in the movie. As Wanda apologizes profusely to Doctor Strange for her actions in WandaVision in the first trailer, the two meet on a cherry blossom farm. Perhaps her regretful demeanor is just another one of her illusions about the farm. During the second trailer, Scarlet Witch is confronted by Strange, who is dressed identically to the one he wore on the farm.

A version of Wanda sipped tea outside a remote cabin while the Scarlet Witch was studying the Darkhold, assumedly to learn more about the multiverse and how she might get her children back. WandaVision has already demonstrated Wanda’s ability to produce powerful illusions. When Doctor Strange 2 takes place, showing an untrue version of herself. This conceals her real intent, which would have been second nature.

Doctor Strange hears her say this in the trailer: “You break the rules and become a hero. I do it, I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair”. Wanda has been heartbroken many times over the course of her life. However, compared to the other Avengers, her sorrows have been minimized in the films. Because she could not bury Vision, WandaVision was left all by herself to deal with her grief.

Scarlet Witch May Not Be The Only Villain

Scarlet Witch’s Villain Twist

Doctor Strange 2 teaser trailer shows Wanda comforting the Scarlet Witch in Westview, assumedly because no one else will. They are the only ones willing to support Wanda. If there is a breaking point for anyone, it has been reached by Wanda long before the average person will experience it in their lifetime. Perhaps she’s ready to fight back after all these years.

It’s possible that Scarlet Witch will become a villain in the Multiverse of Madness trailer because of the appearance of Doctor Strange. I think Wanda Maximoff is ready to stop playing the victim card and start claiming what she deserves. There are so many characters and so little information about the plot. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that Scarlet Witch is unlikely to be the only villain in this movie. However, in Phase 4 of the MCU Scarlet Witch may no longer be a hero.

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