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Is Shawn Levy The New Director For Deadpool 3?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 13,2022

Shawn Levy, who previously worked with Ryan Reynolds on Free Guy, has been tapped to direct Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3. Deadpool’s future was in doubt following Disney’s procurement of Fox’s assets. Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux Logelin were hired by Marvel Studios to write a third Wade Wilson film that will be set in the MCU. This film will star Reynolds as the main character.

Deadpool 3 news has been scarce since the highly anticipated sequel was first announced. It was unclear how quickly the first R-rated movie in the MCU would be released. This is because Marvel Studios never gave the film an official release date. Reynolds did his part to keep the sequel rumours alive. However, he was also busy filming Red Notice, Free Guy, and The Adam Project at the same time. After announcing that Deadpool 3 news would be coming soon, we now have a major update.

Shawn Levy As Deadpool 3 Director

Shawn Levy

Shawn Levy

Shawn Levy is reportedly in talks to direct Deadpool 3 with Marvel Studios, according to THR. Deadpool 3 will be Levy and Reynolds’ third collaboration, following their work on Free Guy and Netflix’s new sci-fi film The Adam Project. Levy has also directed episodes of Stranger Things and Real Steel. Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy is expected to sign on because of his close relationship with Reynolds. All three original screenwriters are now working on the current draft of the script.

After the success of Free Guy and rave reviews for The Adam Project, Levy had become a fan favourite as a director for Deadpool 3. The news that he is close to directing the sequel and reuniting with Reynolds should be welcomed with open arms. The Molyneux sisters from Bob’s Burgers wrote the previous draft of the script, which Wernick and Reese returned to write in the most recent iteration. Due to the film’s departure from Fox’s X-Men franchise in favour of the MCU, the creative team for Deadpool 3 includes both new and returning faces.

Deadpool Director Could Take The Franchise To The Next Level




To see what Levy has in store for Deadpool 3 is sure to be exciting. From Free Guy and The Adam Project, Levy is already familiar with how Reynolds works. Tim Miller and David Leitch previously made their mark on the franchise. Levy has never directed an R-rated film like Deadpool 3. So, this will be a new experience for the two of them. However, the director’s previous work demonstrates a strong blend of comedy and action, and these qualities go hand in hand with Deadpool. Deadpool 3’s R-rating will allow him to push the humour and action even further.

This could be a sign of more Deadpool 3 news in the near future. Zazie Beetz as Domino, Josh Brolin’s Cable, or any other characters from previous films are still unconfirmed for the new film. Marvel Studios could begin revealing more about Reynolds’ upcoming MCU film now that Deadpool 3 is being directed by Levy.

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