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Is She-Hulk Stronger Than Hulk In Marvel Comics?

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 22,2022

The first episode of Disney Plus’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has already graced our screens, and it might have finally addressed the age-old debate of whether or not She-Hulk is more powerful than the Hulk.

The pilot episode of the program skims over the protagonist’s backstory. In the literature, Jessica Walters turns into She-Hulk by receiving a blood transfusion by Bruce Banner. In the cinematic adaptation, however, Walters and Banner are in a car collision in which the former consumes a fatal dosage of Hulk blood.

She-Hulk Stronger Than Hulk

When they arrive, Banner takes her to the beachfront hideaway he and Tony Stark created, wherein he managed to rein in his rage and turns into “Smart Hulk.”

When compared to her brother, Jessica learns the Hulk moves far more quickly since she does not have a doppelganger to guide her through the process. Jessica gets familiar with all the tidbits fairly quickly, in contrast to Bruce who had a hard time repressing his monster persona to the smart one.

Her rapid transformation into a full-fledged Hulk causes her too long for her former life as an attorney, which ultimately culminates in a fight with her cousin. In the first chapter, She-Hulk faces up against Hulk. Who will win?

So, Who Packs More Punch?

She-Hulk Stronger Than Hulk

In the premiere of the latest Disney Plus series, She-Hulk looks to be many levels above the ordinary Hulk, to the extent where the former may even be powerful compared to Bruce. When Bruce is leading Jessica through various practice sessions, she consistently outperforms him, and she also has the advantage when they combat.

She had trouble at first duplicating the classic maneuver, but she eventually perfects her own style, which is much more impressive. One important scene demonstrates Hulk incapacitating her with his Thunderclap. She had trouble at first duplicating the classic maneuver, but she eventually perfects her own style, which is much more impressive. Both gave each other a fair fight, and neither one of them comes out on top.

She-Hulk Stronger Than Hulk

In contrast to how he was shown in the books, the classic Hulk really possesses far less power in the movies. In the stories, She-Hulk herself confesses that Bruce’s Hulk is tougher compared to her.  She adds that Hulk strikes nearly a million times stronger than her.

Immortal Hulk also shows that she can’t defeat her cousin after she’s been given a massive power boost. The Hulk, as portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, has already been relegated to supporting status and utilized mostly for laughs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She-Hulk Stronger Than Hulk

Bruce’s Hulk does have a chance to prove himself better than She-Hulk: Attorney at Law since the program has still eight episodes to cover left. The rematch between She-Hulk and Bruce is doubtful, though, since She-Hulk has little incentive to participate.

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