Is Star Wars Content Being Repetitive With The Jedi And The Sith

For Decades now Star Wars became a part of life for the fans, so as the elements and characters from the show. The fictional galaxies have been hinged with the Siths and Jedis for a while now, and even though with every new addition within the galaxy, people get new things, Sith and Jedi are the biggest constants. In their recent show “Star Wars: Visions”, there are also Sith and Jedi. But the concern is that is this becoming a cliché? Is this going to hinder their impact on the Audience’s experiences?

The Impact of Jedi

Jedi are the most important group within the galaxy. A copious proportion of the universe storyline is hinged with the Jedi, their rise amongst the ranks, or dealing with complexities, and that is obvious because they are the peace-makers and protectors of the Galaxy. To balance the peace there must be chaos, or to balance the good we need evil and so does the Sith exists. These elements made the universe more memorable, these helped to create a Nexus.  In the box of Jedi, the audience got series of heroes, albeit complex, influencing figures, wisdom, and above all Liam Nesson.

On the other side within Sith, the audience got to know of some complex characters, villains, anti-heroes, flawed legends. Together they provided the greatest tug of war between good and evil and given that the visuals are stunning and appealing, but this war between Jedi and Sith can be interpreted as universally appealing in every stage of the Universe.

Although after these many exposures, one can ask that what is new in this old Jedi and Sith based storyline, and numerous debate points are arising right now in my mind and even without any explanation, it will be fair to state that Star Wars is boasting due to their deep-rooted loyal audience base for decades and Jedi and Sith are the core behind it. Still, the question is not answered; these points will merely just cover up the question with sheer awesomeness.

Star Wars Visions

In the latest show Vision, Lucasfilm is getting positive reviews from all over the world, and mostly for its unique approach, built also the latter part of the series are very close to predictable storyline endings, and guess what their focus is also on the Jedi and Sith. The series should be praised, as it attempts to explore the universe, but at the same time the non-canonical storyline is ending with the same Jedi and Sith tricks, and that is undermining the achievement it made from the fresh ground within the galaxy it accomplished.

 Does the Sith Vs Jedi still work in Visions?

Star Wars Visions Twins

This is not just the latest installment in Disney+, this is also a bold approach and unique gamble Star wars made in decades. Sith Vs Jedi had been utilized in this series to tie through various episodes, and it worked fine, as it created an amazing sense of cohesivity between completely two different episodes.  Vision is also not just a single entity within the universe; it is clearly setting a path for similar kinds of new experiences, so it is given that this is going to create a new line of stories.

The series also explored the characters and contexts in a smart manner, so that audience will be intrigued to explore more, but the predictable use of Jedi Vs Sith can be a downward play for this series. The use also does not go with the experimental nature of the creativity utilized in “Star Wars: Visions”.  Also, there is a possibility, as the whole series was treated like a gamble, the creators wanted to stay in sync with the old formula, and Jedi-Sith conflicts are the oldest yet one of the most successful tricks for the universe in past and present. So using that can come from a comfort zone or just in order to mitigate some of the risks from an experimental project.

Is The Conflict A Part of World-Building?

Darth Vader Vs Obi-Wan Kenobi

The world-building is something hugely credited to Marvel, and now even with their What if?…they are garnering attention for their bold approach, but they are also exploring the same old characters in a unique and new manner. Although, Worldbuilding is something that should be credited to Star wars more, as they are attentive towards it from their first film, and this is obvious that exploring the old and comforting areas from the universe provides familiarity and sense of belief and belonging to the loyal fans and audience. This also, helps in business, as in marketing and promotion.

If the Vision is considered, it is unique but it also provides a ground for exploring old corners of the universe and enjoy the fruits of decades of world-building, and no matter how predictable it seems, or critics criticize the use of Sith Vs Jedi as old cash-grabbing technique, but even in that Star Wars is not doing anything wrong, as that is a fruit of world-building and it must be eaten before it gets rotten. Even the future installments of the Star Wars are ready to explore old characters in their known fields, as the “Book of Boba Fett”, is supposed to use the Jedi and Sith again, but that will not upset the audience as long as the series provides fresh attempt and Visuals. Also considering the article context, it might sound paradoxical but it seems fair to expect the Jedi and Sith group to appear in the future project too because still, they are very appealing within a storyline, new or old.