Is The Flash Doomed To Fail? The Streaming Numbers Raise Concerns

The Flash’s recent streaming premiere numbers have ignited debates about the movie’s fate.

By Amitabh Mukherji
September 2,2023

The Flash‘s streaming premiere on Max had 1.1 million US household viewers, lagging behind Black Adam’s debut of 1.2 million viewers. Despite surpassing Shazam! Fury of the Gods in viewership, The Flash remains one of the lowest-performing entries in the DC franchise.

After facing a tumultuous journey from development challenges to lukewarm critical reception, The Flash encountered a disappointing run at the box office, solidifying its status as a flop. Now, as the movie makes its way to streaming platforms, the numbers continue to reflect its struggles.

Grim Prospects For The Flash Franchise

The Flash

Development plans for a Flash sequel raised hope for a potential resurgence, involving characters like Batman and Supergirl. Despite this, the movie’s streaming premiere paints a bleak picture for Ezra Miller’s future as The Flash. While the possibility of Miller’s return was once considered, the disappointing streaming numbers cast doubt on the continuation of his role.

Miller’s Return: A Flickering Hope

The Flash

Although The Flash’s streaming premiere presents challenges for Miller’s return as the iconic hero, there are faint glimmers of hope. Gunn’s commitment to character development and ongoing storylines offer a potential lifeline. The mysteries surrounding Barry’s journey and the interconnected DC Universe could provide opportunities for Miller’s return, but the uphill battle to redeem The Flash’s reputation remains.

As The Flash’s streaming performance takes a hit, fans and critics alike are left wondering about the larger implications for the DC Extended Universe. With ambitious plans in motion for upcoming DC films and series, the disappointing streaming numbers for The Flash cast a shadow over the franchise’s direction. While Ezra Miller‘s potential return remains uncertain, the fate of The Flash as a cornerstone of the DC Universe is more uncertain than ever, making it a subject of intense speculation among devoted fans and industry observers.