Is The Shazam! Franchise In Danger? Marta Milans Speaks Out On DC Reboot Plans
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Is The Shazam! Franchise In Danger? Marta Milans Speaks Out On DC Reboot Plans

Marta Milans, Known For Her Role As Mama Rosa In Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, Speaks Exclusively About The Future Of The Shazam Family In James Gunn’s Dcu Reboot.

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 24,2023

Spanish actress Marta Milans, known for her role as Mama Rosa in the Shazam! franchise, recently spoke exclusively with The Direct’s David Thompson about the future of the Shazamily in James Gunn‘s DCU reboot.

Milans believes that there’s more to explore with the Shazam! characters, especially the relationships between them. She mentioned that she would love to see Billy Batson and Mama Rosa interact with other characters in the universe, such as Batman.

Fury Of the Gods’ Performance And Milans’ Hopes For The Movie’s Success


Fury of the Gods earned over $20 million less than the first film in its opening weekend. Milans suggested that some fans may not want to invest in the movie due to the current DCEU coming to an end. However, she hopes that more people will give it a chance, as it’s a “great movie” with a “good message.”

Milans’ Surprise With Shazam 2

Marta Milans In Shazam 2

Milans mentioned that she was surprised at how Shazam 2 was able to “one-up” its predecessor, especially in an “oversaturated superhero world.” She’s proud of the movie and the impact it could have on children from all over the world.

The Heart Of Shazam! And the Future Of The Franchise

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Milans believes that the heart and soul of the Shazam! franchise lies in the relationship between the parents and the assortment of foster children. While some speculate that the child actors’ aging out of their roles could put a Shazam 3 in jeopardy, Milans thinks that if James Gunn wants another Shazam! film, it will happen. She also mentioned that the recent post-credits scenes hint at a possible future for the Shazamily.

Overall, Marta Milans is proud to be a part of the Shazam! franchise and hopes that the movies will continue to resonate with audiences.