House of the Dragon

Is There A Game Of Thrones Spin-off More Compelling Than House Of The Dragon

HBO’s legacy fantasy series Game of Thrones has a lot of spin-offs currently under the works. Among which, the upcoming House of the Dragon is getting most of the hype. But as word has it, there is another spin-off that is way more interesting. And it is titled 10,000 Ships. Game of Thrones saw an end in its television run to 2019 following eight successful seasons. The show gained worldwide acclaim for most of its installments. It even won 12 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Regardless of the fame, Game of Thrones lacked storytelling regarding the last two seasons. For some reason, the show saw a steep decline in admiration for its fantastical lore. However, HBO has plans of correcting its previous mistakes through the many spinoff shows that it is developing. The first of them is the Olivia Cooke-led House of the Dragon. The show has flourished out of its pilot stage and is currently under production. It is set to tell the tale of the infamous Targaryen civil war.

Basic Storyline Of 10,000 Ships

Apart from House of the Dragon, there is another exciting Game of Thrones spinoff in development. And it is called 10,000 Ships. The show will tell the story of Princess Nymeria, who ruled over Dorne for two decades. Princess Nymeria existed around a thousand years before the events of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Which means that for now, 10,000 Ships is the foremost outing on the Westeros timeline.

According to the legend of Nymeria, when the Princess was crossing over into a channel of the Summer Sea, there came a moment when she had no choice but to burn down her entire fleet of ships to escape the dragonlords of Essos.

Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Offers Promising Setup

Game of Thrones spin-off 10,000 Ships

There is new information regarding the 10,000 Ships being revealed constantly. And it appears as if the show will bring HBO a promising future. Game of Thrones has already, however, briefly, delved into the Targaryen family’s workings and history. But Nymerio is an entirely new character who offers audiences an unusual tale to devour. Her story is truly absorbing. And the show is set to feature a lot of chases, wars, and political conflicts that induce intrigue.

Not only that, the show will also allow the creators to extensively scout the premises of Dorne. Mainly because the main series did not have a chance to do so. HBO has a system of approving spin-offs after they have considered the potential and scope for the story. Which is why it is certain that 10,000 Ships will invite an abundance of fans. We can even go as far as to say that it will be more compelling than the forthcoming prequel House of the Dragon.

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Mention Of Nymeria In Game Of Thrones

Nymeria, Ghost, and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones only acknowledged Nymeria once. It was when Arya Stark named her direwolf after the warrior-queen. It is believed that the legacy that Nymeria created was truly staggering. Even after a thousand years had passed since her existence in Westeros, the land commemorated her as a pillar of strength and insight.

The show 10,000 Ships will probably commence at the point of the Valyrian expansion. As it was when Nymeria led all the Rhoynar refugees out of Essos and into Dorne. And once they all arrive, she goes ahead and burns all of their 10,000 ships so they do not even consider turning back.

Later, she rises in power and becomes the first ruler to unite the region, with her husband Davos Dayne by her side. With that said, production will see a problem while carrying out this narrative. And it is how they decide to allocate the budget. Because House of the Dragon seems to have managed the same perfectly. 

Dorne Will Get The Depiction It Deserves

Dorne in Game of Thrones

Also, the main focus of 10,000 Ships will be Dorne. This is because the desert region will be where Nymeria stakes her claim. Game of Thrones featured Dorne in Season 4. Unfortunately, that part of the show turned out to underwhelm the audience the most. This is because the characters displayed in Dorne were not able to deliver an engrossing storyline. They were not fleshed out properly. With Prince Oberyn Martell being the only exception.

On the other hand, the books and the show have made us familiar with a spectacular landscape. And with 10,000 Ships, the franchise finally has the right set of circumstances to fully develop and portray the land the way it should be. 

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The Potential That 10,000 Ships Holds

In May of 2021, 10,000 Ships earned itself a great opportunity by sealing Amanda Segel as the main writer for the series. Game of Thrones has a lot of spin-off titles under its belt. Which is why it gets a little chaotic to keep track of all of them.

But if the production uses all the tricks available up their sleeves by telling the fascinating story of Nymeria through 10,000 Ships, then it could prove to be the biggest success for the franchise. 10,000 Ships has the potential to leave behind the House of the Dragon. Ultimately becoming the most compelling and exquisite Game of Thrones spin-off.