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Jake Lockley’s 3rd Superhero Suit Teased By Moon Knight’s Oscar Isaac

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 22,2022

Fans have been wondering since Episode 2 of Moon Knight revealed that Marc Spector’s altar, Steven Grant, manifested the Mr. Knight persona, which is typically attributed to Marc Spector in the comics. Will Jake Lockley be able to don the Moon Knight garb and assume the persona of Mr. Knight, as Marc Spector and Steven Grant did?

When he appears as the amiable cabbie Jake Lockley in Marvel Comics, Marc is channeling his inner-comic book hero. The appearance of a second sarcophagus in the latest episode of Moon Knight provides the strongest evidence yet that Lockley exists. Lockley was still trapped in his sarcophagus at the end of the episode, compared to Grant’s terrified state.

It’s only a matter of time before Jake Lockley is unleashed, given the most conclusive evidence to date that he exists. Lockley’s costume is still up in the air: will he have his own?

Is Jake Lockley getting yet another makeover?

When asked by Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of Marc Spector’s second alter ego, Jake Lockley, during the press tour leading up to the release of Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac replied, “It’s very possible.” There is no way of knowing for sure.”

In addition to that, the actor was asked if Lockley, like Steven Grant’s Mr. Knight in the series, would wear a mask if he appeared. “I like the way you’re thinking,’ Isaac said. “That’s a logical conclusion,” he said, adding nothing else.

Marc Spector’s Second Alteration: Which Outfit to Wear?

It’s a question that’s been asked by fans since the second episode. if Marc Spector is Moon Knight, and Steven Grant is Mr. Knight, where does Jake Lockley fit in? Since Mr. Knight was a relatively recent development for Spector in the comics, it’s unclear what the character’s third masked persona would be called.

Egyptian God Comics

Marvel Comics

So, what could Lockley wear as a costume? When he uses Khonshu’s powers, he can transform into a variety of different characters. Many fans believe Lockley should don a version of Moon Knight’s standard outfit, first seen in the 2014 comic series.

Moon Knight Suit

Marvel Comics

Spector’s suit could be upgraded to a more high-tech version with a distinct black color scheme. Lockley could also take the opposite route, donning armor inspired by Khonshu, such as the bone suit Spector wore to fight ghosts during the game.

Jake Lockley Moon Knight Costume

Marvel Comics

“Universe X” Lockley’s costume design, which influenced the look of Moon Knight’s outfit in the show, is also an option for Lockley.

Moon Knight Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

The fact that Lockley’s outfit looks so much like Spector’s Moon Knight outfit is baffling. Lockley could wear the creepy stealth outfit Spector wore in a single issue if the series takes an unexpected turn.

Jake Suit Moon Knight

Disney+ Moon Knight

Finally, there’s always the possibility that Lockely isn’t even dressed up. Lockley may have appeared in the show’s posters, but it’s possible that the show’s marketing has been giving fans a glimpse of him all along.

That is, after all, Jake was traditionally depicted as a hard-working street thug in the comics. Just because Lockley was “logical” to have a costume didn’t mean that he had one.

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