James Gunn Clarifies DCU's "New Superman" Age Claim!
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James Gunn Clarifies DCU’s “New Superman” Age Claim!

While Responding To A Fan On Twitter, James Gunn Debunked Rumors About The Age Of DCU’s New Man Of Steel Aka Superman.

By Aryan Pandey
February 20,2023

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn clarified his views on what fans should anticipate in light of reports that hinted at just how old the new Superman in the DC Universe (DCU) will be.

James Gunn has gotten off to a fantastic start with his efforts to build the DC universe, and Superman, the franchise’s most famous character, has been given the honor of being the first to present the new and improved DC 2.0.

After Gunn’s hotly anticipated announcement unveiling the Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate that will launch the new DC Universe in 2025, Superman has become a hot topic in recent weeks. Superman: Legacy is the first film in that series, and it will unveil Henry Cavill’s successor in the role after the fan-favorite actor departs the DC Universe at the end of 2022. Henry Cavill will not reprise his role as Superman in the rebooted film, and Gunn has confirmed the DCU’s Chapter 1 release schedule. A younger actor will take on the role of the next Kryptonian hero.

Soon after the news of Superman’s upcoming solo movie burst, a source said that Gunn and team were seeking an actor in his mid-20s to play Clark Kent, who would be around 25 in the new DC Universe.

Considering that Cavill’s Clark Kent was 33 years old when he officially took on the role of the hero in “Man of Steel” (2013), this would result in a much younger Superman than fans have seen so far.

James Gunn Reacts To “New Superman” Age Claims

James Gunn

DC C0-Ceo James Gunn

James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, addressed the issue of Superman’s age on Twitter in an effort to clear up any confusion about his intentions for the character in the new DC Universe.

Superman will be around 25 years old in the next Superman: Legacy film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but Gunn corrected the information, and contrasted it with Batman’s age.

Although he acknowledged that estimates range from 25 to 30, he insisted that he would only be “younger than in his forties” and that he “may be” a bit younger than Batman:

“Yeah but people are speculating about both ages. All I ever said was Superman was younger than in his forties and Batman MIGHT be a couple years older than Superman.”

Later in the discussion, Gunn clarified in a tweet that he “never” suggested Superman would be a 25-year-old, despite ongoing rumors to the contrary. Fans will have to wait a little longer to learn who the upcoming Superman and Batman will be because he did not provide any specific information about what they can anticipate.

“Nope! It keeps getting repeated but I never said that.”

James previously refuted all claims relating to the Superman casting, as well. When James Gunn, the director and co-chairman of DC Studios, recently went online, a DC fan page used the occasion to suggest Luke Eisner as a strong contender for the role of Superman. James Gunn, however, quickly knocked that notion down.

Although the action merely removes one candidate from the list of several well-known actors, the thought that DC may be searching for a brand-new face from outside of Hollywood has never been considered a possibility by fans.

What Age Will Superman Be In The DCU?

All-Star Superman comic by Grant Morrison

All-Star Superman comic by Grant Morrison

Gunn points out that he never made Superman’s age explicit in the new plot, but he also didn’t outright rule it out. Even when he isn’t outright refuting a false rumor, the head of DC Studios is always careful with the precise language he uses in his statements to fans.

James Gunn revealed that it will cover Superman’s beginnings as he learns to negotiate his existence as a Kryptonian and as a resident of Earth. It is unknown exactly what age Superman will be during the new DC Universe.

Although he has stated that the All-Star Superman comic run served as inspiration for this tale, he will undoubtedly be youthful enough to handle the new brand for at least a decade.

The casting process won’t start until the screenplay for Superman: Legacy is complete, which could take some time given how far away the release date is.

Nonetheless, casting will continue to be a hot issue as interest in who will play the next Last Son of Krypton grows while viewers wait for more information about the film as a whole.

Superman: Legacy will hit theaters on July 11, 2025.