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James Gunn Expresses His Concern Over Guardians of the Galaxy 3’s Limited Budget

By Soniya Hinduja
January 17,2022

Recently, Director James Gunn’s name is seeing prosperous heights regarding comic book-to movie adaptations. And the credit goes to both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. Gunn introduced John Cena into the superhero genre with 2021’s The Suicide Squad. Following that, he dropped Peacemaker. And the first three episodes of the series are now available to stream online. Apart from this, James Gunn is currently working on incorporating many titles into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s slate for Phase 5. One of which is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The film has more than a year left until its impending theatrical release. But Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is already in the spotlight. Mainly because the MCU rapidly continues its efforts at exploring the cosmic adventures involving the movie’s remarkable team of characters. The film is set to bring Will Poulter’s long-anticipated debut as Adam Warlock. As well as the rumored potential appearance from the High Evolutionary. With all this paired together, the intergalactic franchise will shoot in its last entry for the trilogy with an abundance of amusement. 

To turn this spectacular vision into reality, Marvel Studios is investing an enormous sum of money into Guardians 3. But the news does not come as a surprise. Instead, it only adds another title to the MCU’s long list of big-budget blockbusters, making it to the box office for fans to feast on. Recently, James Gunn was in an interview where he opened up about the upcoming MCU threequel. And it appears as if the director found it pretty difficult to put the money he was assigned for Guardians 3 to proper use. 

James Gunn Talks About Receiving Limited Budget For Guardians 3

guardians of the galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Director James Gunn recently spoke with Collider. And in conversation, Gunn expressed his difficulties around allocating the budget provided by Marvel Studios on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The speaker asked Gunn about the estimate of a budget he kept while working on Peacemaker for the DCEU. To that, the director responded by saying that he always has a figure in his mind when he develops a movie or TV show. Moreover, Gunn reflected on the fact that he had a hard time with Guardians 3. This is because he said he would need a budget of “half a billion dollars” if he wanted to have everything he thought of. 

“No. I innately think about budget while I’m writing, always. Even something as big budgeted as (GOTG) Volume 3 is still a struggle. You know, it’s still a struggle to make it fit the budget because you want a movie to be half a billion dollars. If I had half a billion dollars, I could kind of do pretty close to what I want. That’s how hard it is. I’m always having to think about budget and make concessions because of budget, but oftentimes it leads to good things. You oftentimes are forced to rethink something and you have to come up with a creative solution.”

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Big-Budget Movies Always See Such Obstacles 

James Gunn

Director James Gunn

Director James Gunn is not new to the business of making major blockbusters. Gunn has had two successful endeavors with Marvel Studios by creating masterpieces for the MCU. And the budgets for both settled at near $200 million . History has it that Marvel Studios movie budgets have seen a wide range of movies that fall anywhere from as low as $140 million to as high as $400 million. And now, the Disney+ series continues the trend with Phase 4 outings. 

And yet, it seems as if a director as imaginative and original as James Gunn would require a budget that is a little over the bar. Safe to assume that there is no possibility of that number making it to reality for Gunn to do anything he wishes for a movie like Guardians 3.

With that said, James Gunn utilized what was given to him to create something truly satisfying for the big screen. Which is why it is questionable to think of what more the director could have done were he given more liberty. The movie would ace its special effects scene. Certain setups in the movie would have a more enhanced look. However, at the end of the day, a shortage in the budget will not stop fans from being entertained by the movie. 

With over a year to its release, what Gunn’s upcoming MCU outing has in store for fans is still a big and interesting secret. But the expectations that come with a budget so massive are definitely soaring. And we hope that it allows Gunn to present an exceptional performance packed into the threequel for all audiences. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is currently in the works. The film is preparing for its release in theaters on May 5, 2023.

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