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James Gunn Sneaked In A DCU Reference In Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special features a unique DC reference courtesy of DCU CEO James Gunn. Read on to know it!

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 26,2022

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special recently premiered on Disney+ and it filled in the sweet Christmas spot before the holidays. This Disney+ offering is even more unique because it marks one of the last times James Gunn will be associated with the MCU. After GotG Volume 3, the director will only be a part of the DCU. But, it looks like the DCU CEO has already sprinkled in a DC reference in his Marvel special.

DC Reference In James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Special

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

The Holiday Special was centered around the Guardians overcoming grief. However, the show in itself wasn’t heavy. Instead it was cartoonish, fun, and all about the joy of the holidays. In the special, there’s a moment where Mantis and Drax successfully kidnap Kevin Bacon (who has been referenced several times in the previous GotG movies). But the duo quickly realize that he isn’t the hero they assumed him to be.

And that he was instead just an actor. When Kevin Bacon realises that his captors are disappointed after knowing this fact, he first pretends to be a British World War II pilot. But after this, Mantis tells him to talk in his own voice. This is the moment where he strangely mimics Batman. He says, “Hello, I’m the Batman. Hello, I’m Bruce Wayne.”

This Isn’t The First Batman Reference In The MCU



It’s a great DCU reference that was probably deliberately put in by James Gunn. After all, he directed The Suicide Squad for DC even before he became the CEO. And he has also stated that he campaigned for a Marvel and DC crossover. However, this isn’t the first DC reference in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Eternals, Gilgamesh calls Kingo’s valet “Alfred”, a reference to the Dark Knight’s butler.

Also, Phastos’ son alludes to Superman in a conversation with Ikaris. The kid tells him that he has seen the hero shoot lasers out of his eyes and wear a cape. Ikaris retorts by saying that he doesn’t wear a cape, but the allusion to the DC hero is clear. So presumably characters like Batman and Superman could exist in comicbooks in the MCU.

As such, since Kevin Bacon is pretending to be an actual real hero in the conversation with Mantis and Drax, so the superhero he chooses to be is Batman. Presumably Batman is a high profile hero in the MCU as he is in DC. It’s an interesting reference alongside the myriad of DC stars Gunn has included in the Holiday Special. For example, did you spot DC’s Harley Quinn actress, Margot Robbie, being an actual actress in the MCU?

Did you spot any other DCU references? Let us know.

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