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James McAvoy Clarifies Marvel Return Amidst Doctor Strange 2 Rumors

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 29,2021

It’s possible that James McAvoy may make another Marvel appearance. Doctor Strange 2 is expected to bring alternative worlds to the forefront of the MCU. This automatically means that past Marvel heroes may make appearances in the sequel. Xavier, who was played by two actors, might be a strong contender. Although it’s unclear which version of the character will show up in the MCU sequels.

To be clear: Stewart did have “long conversations” about returning as the elder version of Xavier with Marvel Studios Feige in a prior interview, but the actor said his performance in Logan effectively destroyed any chances of making another appearance as the character. McAvoy also recently expressed that he “feel[s] quite satisfied with what [he] got out of [Professor X] as a performer” but made it clear that he “never says[s] never.” With so many theories swirling around the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, actor James McAvoy has addressed a possible return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again.

James McAvoy Discusses His Return to Marvel 

James McAvoy X-Men In Doctor Strange

McAvoy, who played the role of Charles Xavier’s son in the X-Men films, talked with Comicbook about the potential of a future Marvel film portraying the character as a young man. Read the whole interview here. The actor initially said that he is “all about doing good things” while addressing his desire to return to the part of Professor X, alluding to his earlier portrayal of the Marvel character. This is what he said;

“I’m all about doing good stuff, and when I got asked to play Charles the first time, it was good stuff. It was good writing, and I was excited.”

Accordingly, the X-Men: First Class actor said that “if people offer [him] good writing,” he would be delighted at any time, but he also emphasized the sense of having had a “good ending” with Charles Xavier. He further went on to say this;

“If people offer me good writing, I’m always going to be excited. But I do feel like I’ve had a good ending with Charles and I got to explore some really good stuff, particularly in the first two movies that I did for him as a character. So if my time is done, I’m happy with the time that I spent and the time that I was given and if good writing comes in and people want to do stuff with me. I’ll always be open to that, but it’s got to be good.”

McAvoy’s Optimism And Enthusiasm Says It All

James McAvoy In X-Men

James McAvoy In X-Men

McAvoy then voiced his optimism and enthusiasm for the MCU’s future developments. He did so while also acknowledging that the Marvel Studios team are smart individuals. Here’s what he said to be precise;

“They’re clever people. They’re so good at putting their stuff together. They’ll figure out where to do it, but that might not involve people who’ve done it before. It might be a complete reimagining. And as a fan, I’m down for that as well and I’d be excited to see what happens next. If what happens next involves us, then that could be cool. But I’m not sure what way they’re going to go with it, basically. But as a fan, I’m excited to see whatever way they go.”

James McAvoy’s Xavier Return Revealed

Elizabeth Olsen Doctor Strange

It’s clear from James McAvoy’s recent remarks that he loved portraying Xavier in the X-Men series. Michael McAvoy debuted in 2011’s X-Men: First Class before returning in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and 2016’s X-Men Apocalypse. Plot-wise, McAvoy’s Xavier concluded his epic journey in Dark Phoenix, leaving the door open for a possible sequel. McAvoy did say that he was pleased with Xavier’s conclusion in the Fox series. However, his remarks about “good writing” may imply he’d be open to a return.

McAvoy looking forward to whatever the MCU has in store for him is great news for the studio and fans. For characters like McAvoy’s Xavier, Doctor Strange 2 may be the ideal vehicle for a natural comeback. A rumor suggests that Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch would face off against a member of the X-Men or Fantastic Four in the sequel. Although, no official confirmation has been made. However, according to what seems to be a Multiverse of Madness speculation, Patrick Stewart’s Xavier, not McAvoy’s younger self, will be battling Wanda. It’s possible that Xavier may show up in the sequel to confront the Scarlet Witch. Nonetheless, fans should treat this information with caution.

There’s a chance that McAvoy’s Xavier will also face up against Wanda Maximoff in the film. This seems plausible primarily because of the multiverse antics that will occur in it. However, it’s unlikely. It’s unclear whether Stewart and McAvoy will remain on the show. There is no denying that the fight between these mutants would be visually stunning. As a result, it would be fascinating to see whether it happens in the Doctor Strange sequel. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will release in theatres on March 25, 2022.

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