Jane Foster’s Mjolnir: How Her Hammer’s Powers Are Different To Thor’s

What makes Jane Foster’s Mjolnir abilities in Thor: Love and Thunder different from those of Thor. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has undergone a few changes. Moreover, when Thor finally meets up with his ex-girlfriend Jane after eight years, she would not be the same woman he remembered. Jane is revealed to be Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, and she wields Mjolnir.

Although Jane’s Mighty Thor was first glimpsed in Thor: Love and Thunder’s first official trailer, her use of Mjolnir in battle and the new abilities it granted her were shown off in the film’s second official trailer. Natalie Portman confirmed that the Mighty Thor’s unique abilities in Thor: Love and Thunder would be different from those of Thor’s.

It’s understandable that Jane’s abilities don’t exactly match those of her ex-boyfriend, given that they are two entirely different individuals. Superhuman strength, speed, agility and agility are just some of the abilities of Thor. These are, not surprisingly, the same abilities possessed by Thor. When Jane Foster became Mighty Thor and picked up Mjolnir, she became physically transformed, unlike the God of Thunder who was born on Asgard.

Manipulating Electricity


Mjolnir is the source of many of Jane’s newfound superpowers as a superhero. In addition to her superhuman strength, Thor’s hammer grants her additional powers that were previously unavailable to the former ruler of New Asgard. Though not shown in the trailer, some of these abilities will most likely appear in Thor: Ragnarok. Jane’s electrokinesis, which allows her to yield and deceive electrical energy, is a major difference.

It is shown that Thor summons lightning from above, but the trailer also shows her flipping through the air before attacking a military unit she is fighting. Even though Jane doesn’t need to summon lightning, in this case, she appears to manipulate electricity with her own body before using Mjolnir to concentrate the energy.

Creating Stars

Mighty Thor’s ability to create stars with Mjolnir, on the other hand, differs from Thor’s yet again. Although it is mostly from the comics, this power could be used in Thor: Love and Thunder. Additionally, Jane can control the Mjolnir like no one else, allowing her to redirect the hammer’s trajectory and speed after she’s already unleashed the weapon. Furthermore, the Mighty Thor has the ability to entrap her enemies with Mjolnir by spinning it around her body. Mjolnir ‘s powers may change contingent on who is wielding it, as demonstrated by her abilities.

Jane Foster’s New Abilities

This means that Jane’s role as Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder has a lot of potential because it won’t be a repeat of Thor’s journey or abilities. It will also enhance the action sequences by revealing new details about Jane’s abilities as she wields Mjolnir. The second trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder actually barely touches the surface of what Jane’s new abilities entail, which is exciting in many ways. Even at this late stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jane’s transformation into Mighty Thor will give the fourth solo outing of Thor an entirely new take on a powerful hammer.