Jennifer Lawrence’s $2.7 Million Pay Gap Sparks Outrage In X-Men Universe

Hollywood’s Pay Disparity Comes To Light As Jennifer Lawrence Earns $2.7 Million More Than Sophie Turner For The X-Men Movie ‘Dark Phoenix.’

By Akshay Sharma
May 2,2023

Jennifer Lawrence, the A-lister of the X-Men universe, has earned a considerable amount of money during her tenure as Mystique. In her last appearance in the franchise, Lawrence managed to secure a whopping $4.7 million for minimal screen time. However, Sophie Turner, who played the lead in the $246 million disaster X-Men movie ‘Dark Phoenix,’ earned a little over $2 million, comparatively less than Lawrence’s paycheck.

Jennifer Lawrence: Enduring Extreme Troubles For The X-Men Universe

Despite the trouble of wearing the Mystique suit, which would take hours, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t regret her time in the X-Men universe. However, it seems that Dark Phoenix might have been the last time we would witness Lawrence in the superhero realm, as she has no interest in doing franchise roles anymore. Unlike her X-Men costar Hugh Jackman, who is adamant about returning to the role in MCU’s upcoming Deadpool 3, Lawrence doesn’t feel the same.

Lawrence’s Statement On Superhero Movies

Lawrence stated, “I loved superhero movies. Franchise is art and they’re so fun; I could never do one now because I’m too old & brittle. I love them too. This generation understandably likes a world to escape to, and I can relate to that.”

Dark Phoenix’s Disappointing Performance

dark phoenix x-men
dark phoenix x-men

Even with Lawrence’s presence, Dark Phoenix was unable to impress fans and critics and was only able to gather $246 million from a budget of $200 million.