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Jennifer Lopez In The MCU? She-Hulk Director Begins Manifesting.

By Mabel Judith Andrady
August 19,2022

Will fans ever get to see Jennifer Lopez in the MCU? The Marvel Cinematic Universe grew in scope and scale with each new film and TV show. It also expanded its cast ensemble by adopting well-known actors with stellar track records. The studio mammoth is also angling to bring in recognizable personalities within the youth population.

One of the most recognized celebs on the globe is Jennifer Lopez. She has risen to fame not just for her singing and acting but also for the high-profile relationships she has maintained with other celebrities, often featured in gossip magazines.

Jennifer Lopez in the MCU

Jennifer Lopez

Director Kat Coiro, who previously collaborated with Jennifer Lopez on this year’s Marry Me, has already begun plotting Lopez’s appearance on the second season of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, despite the show’s first season not having even shown yet.

Jennifer Lopez is someone Kat Coiro would want to see in the MCU

Coiro mentioned the prospect of incorporating Lopez into the MCU during a recent interview with YouTube interviewer Tara Hitchcock.

“80 days until Marry Me hits theaters. So many people came together to make this movie but I must start with the queen, la reina herself, Jennifer Lopez. Yes, she is just as beautiful in real life. Yes, she has the energy and stamina of one hundred mere mortals. Yes she is talented, driven, family-oriented, hard-working, thoughtful, prepared, intelligent, transcendent, sensational, just as awesome behind the scenes as she is on camera. She gave killer script notes, her musical instincts are mind-blowing (duh), you could cut a whole movie together with her first takes and she gave insightful notes on the cuts. You might think she’s not human but she has the humanity and vulnerability to prove that she is. What can I tell you that you might not know? @Jlo brings out the best in everyone around her. In me, executives, other actors, dancers, the crew- everyone wants to give 1000% when they’re in her presence because she always gives that much, if not more. Everyone works harder when she’s around, not because she demands it, but because they want to strive to be their best; do their best; to match that unparalleled energy. Despite all this she is humble and deferential and collaborative. She is inspiring and awesome and I feel grateful to know her. Also, look at her championing female directors.”

Adding Jennifer Lopez to the MCU Would Be a Huge Score

With her massive popularity, Marvel would have scored a significant win by signing Jennifer Lopez to star in one of their movies. It’s not unlike the decision to cast megastar Harry Styles as Eros in last year’s Eternals; when word gets out that he was in a Marvel Studios film, people who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise may go see it.

Given their history working together on Marry Me, it seems likely that Kat Coiro would be the one most capable of persuading Jennifer Lopez to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To have Coiro’s wish come true, Jennifer Lopez probably wouldn’t accept just any job, given how busy she is, so she’d need to do some convincing.

Jennifer Lopez in the MCU

Kat Cairo

What’s more, it’s heartening to know that Coiro was able to cast her preferred performers in her She-Hulk movie. Several new and returning Marvel characters have been confirmed to make guest appearances in the series. We’ll need some performers to back up all those fresh faces.

The question of whether or not Jennifer Lopez will make an appearance in the MCU remains unanswered. Fans, though, reacted favorably to the concept online. They would be the perfect powerhouse pair, and it would be cool to see the actress in MCU while her boyfriend, actor Ben Affleck, is in DC as Batman.

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