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Jessica Alba Shares Adorable Pictures Of Beach Vacation

By Celeb Staff
March 11,2022

Jessica Alba enjoyed a fun weekend in Mexico with her husband and children. The bunch enjoy a sun-drenched getaway over the weekend and granted fans with pictures of the vacation on Instagram. 

The mother of three looked absolutely laid-back and serene in the pictures she uploaded on the media-sharing app.

In many snaps, Jessica adorned a string bikini and looked fascinatingly over the sun, the sea and sand.

She shared this beautiful time with her husband Cash Warren. Accompanying the couple were their three kids, Honor, Haven and Hayes. The family appeared to be basking in the joy of the scenic views. 

She captioned the post: “Photo dump #longweekend. We had an awesome long weekend with our homies @galitlaibow @blaibow n the kiddos!!! Thank you so much! All the things! Surf -golf -beach -spa -delicious food! #vivaméxico #vacay #familytime.”

Many of her fans gushed over Jessica Alba’s adorable family and their closeness. One fan commented: “Very cute photos looks like a very fun weekend,” and, “Hayes on the surfboard – so cute, stahhpp it.”

Jessica’s Family Getaway Is #Goals 

The family’s newest little members stayed back home in Los Angeles. Jessica joked about being a “mama of five” after they adopted two cute little puppies into the family. 

Alba shared a bunch of pictures of the pups as they sniffed around the family’s backyard. The caption read: “& all the sudden – I became a mama of 5 meet our new babies Dolly and Lucy (short for Lucille and Dolores).”

Jessica Alba and The Honest Company founder definitely has a lot on her plate when it comes to her professional life. But the actress manages to take care of her family and her children. She confessed that handling parenthood and business together is an ordeal.

She talked about it to People magazine and said: “Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do everything at once. Layout what you can get done now and what will take longer.

“Don’t be hard on yourself. Doing your best to be present wherever you are is what’s important,” she added. “Make time to eat healthily and stay active. It’s worth it to recharge once a week: Get sleep, have a date night or a girls’ night in, and drink some wine!”

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