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Jessie James Decker Takes Off Her String Bikinis

By Alankar Nayak
November 19,2021

While on vacation in Mexico, country-pop star Jessie James Decker showed off her best cheeky look in hot bikinis that displayed her curves.

In one Instagram photo, the celebrity wears a tight-fitting pale blue bikini top with pink borders that display cleavage. The other photo shows the designer’s chiseled back and cheeky derriere, wearing a black string bikini.

The American singer made a statement in a Beach Bunny two-piece while posing for a photo on Instagram.’Cabo just brings it outta me,’ wrote the fashion designer in an Instagram post during her holiday in Cabo San Lucas this week on Thursday.

 The amusing star is standing on a wooden swing with large ropes that she is leaning into, clutching a nearly full plastic cup of beer. Her left leg is lifted, revealing her seductive curves, as she gazes into the sun and flaunts her dark shades and straw hat. The matching bottom of her pale blue and pink bordered bikini is an inch wide around her tanned hips.

Pool time with friends

 ‘Sun’s out….’ she wrote in an earlier Instagram post from Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday. As she peered out over the Cabo shoreline, the Lights Down Low singer struck a statuesque pose.

She stood with her two arms lifted in the air, flashing victory signals, wearing a similar black string bikini that revealed her toned figure.

Pretty pals in paradise

 She appeared to be on a girls’ trip with some of her best pals, as she was photographed drinking margaritas in a pool. They were also spotted getting ready for a night out in the coastal town. Last month, the Nashville star and her’make out buddy’ spouse returned from a getaway vacation to a secluded beach, which she touted on Instagram.

The power couple was spotted strolling along a white sand beach with the turquoise ocean in the background. The red bikini-clad pop queen expressed her love for her football-body spouse by rushing into his arms and wrapping her legs around his enormous frame.

Source: Daily mail

Instagram: Jessie James Decker

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