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Jim Starlin Opens Up On Thanos’ Homecoming To MCU

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 14,2022

Writer Jim Starlin is sure that the Mad Titan should make a comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The villain, portrayed by Hollywood Star Josh Brolin, was first mentioned in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor (2011). However, the villain was shot to fame in 2018’s Avengers Infinity War when the mad titan started his quest to gather all the infinity stones and vanquish the universe’s population exactly by half.



The villain left an indelible mark on the Universe notwithstanding his brief appearance at the conclusion of the Infinity Saga. His reputation as a fierce antagonist still endures. Assertions that the Mad Titan was correct were reflected in the series like Hawkeye and the events of Eternals imply that his genocidal plan was really beneficial for the universe showing that his popularity has only grown throughout the multiverse.

Fans would still want to see him return to the MCU in some capacity, despite his troubled history. Starlin, the character’s originator, presents a compelling case for why MCU should reintroduce Thanos once again.

According To Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin

Well, I think he probably hits a nerve. He raises questions that a number of us have thought about. He’s also just a badass character. I don’t think anybody thinks we’ve seen the last of him. Disney made a shitload of money off of him and there’s probably a shitload of money still to be made. So my fingers are crossed.“

The creator also addressed the “likelihood of reintroducing Thanos” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

“I’ve heard Marvel may want to use some other characters I’ve done. I think they’re running out. Now that they’ve got this multiverse, there’s the possibility of bringing back Thanos. And with Thanos, that opens up possibilities for other characters. There are a few that they haven’t used, like the Blood Brothers.”

The Blood Brothers, to whom Starlin alludes, are a pair of supervillains who have appeared in Iron Man comics since their introduction in 1973. Jim Starlin also addressed a query about the relationship between Thanos as well as his brother Eros (portrayed by One Direction Star Harry Styles), in addition to whether or not Eros would be successful in the absence of Thanos.

I think they’re planning on starting him off without Thanos. Thanos and Warlock also have a lot in common and have an association, and they got a fairly good star for Adam Warlock. I doubt if he’s going to be in just this one movie.


Cable played by Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2

Anyhow, reviving Thanos wouldn’t be a huge challenge for Marvel Studios. They may either use the prequel strategy or the expanding multiverse to achieve this goal.

It would be simpler for the studio to persuade Josh to fill in his old shoes if the star is already set to appear in the next Deadpool 3 movie as Cable( The muscular gunslinging dude from the future). They have to tread carefully here as anything can totally break the amazing storyline MCU has maintained in Phase 4.

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