John Wick Tv Series Sparks Debate: Will It Dilute The Franchise Or Expand Its Universe?
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John Wick Tv Series Sparks Debate: Will It Dilute The Franchise Or Expand Its Universe?

Chad Stahelski Reveals Plans For A New John Wick Tv Series, Sparking Controversy And Debate Among Fans.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 27,2023

Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick films, has announced that a new John Wick television series is in the works. With spin-off movies like Ballerina and The Continental already in development, the franchise is set to explore new stories and characters within the John Wick universe. Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chairman Joe Drake confirmed that John Wick 5 is in early development, along with three other spin-offs, including The Continental TV series.

Chad Stahelski’s Involvement And Ambitions For The TV Series

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In an exclusive interview, Stahelski expressed his enthusiasm for returning to the world of John Wick, not only as a producer but also as a potential director. He revealed his work on a new John Wick television series, which would provide an opportunity to delve into more characters and stories within the universe. Stahelski emphasized his interest in exploring compelling characters and narratives that may not require another major feature film but could thrive in the short-form format of television.

An Anthology Series For John Wick

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Considering the immense popularity and financial success of the John Wick franchise, there is a strong demand for more content. Stahelski has expressed a desire to further explore various characters, such as the Bowery King, Akira, Tracker, and Caine. An anthology series could be an ideal approach to flesh out their individual stories without the need for separate movies or series.

Potential Storylines And Character Focus

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With an anthology format, each season or episode could delve into a different character’s journey and offer unique perspectives on the John Wick universe. For instance, one season could follow Akira on his quest for vengeance, another could shed light on the enigmatic Bowery King and his realm, while a season centered around the Tracker could explore the secretive High Table. Additionally, episodes could be dedicated to characters like Caine, examining his retirement or his past as an assassin and his relationship with John Wick and Shimazu Koji.

Expanding The John Wick Lore

Chad Stahelski’s Hands-Off Approach To Building The John Wick Cinematic Universe

The rich world of John Wick presents numerous intriguing possibilities, even beyond the main characters. Spin-offs like The Continental and Ballerina will provide new insights into characters like Winston, Charon, and the New York Continental Hotel, as well as introduce fresh faces. Stahelski’s John Wick television series would allow him to revisit familiar characters from the original films and expand their stories, further enriching the lore of this captivating universe.