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Kamala Khan Takes A Jab At Illuminati In The Second Episode?

By Raunaak Mitra
June 28,2022

Iman Vellani has changed the course of the superhero genre with New Jersey’s very own teenage superhero, Ms. Marvel, yes we do feel “Night Light” is a tacky name for someone who is connected to the cosmic otherworldly power.

In the first half of the episode, you could see Kamala training with Bruno. In addition to this, Bruno revealed that Kamala’s power doesn’t come from the bangle but the mysterious bangle unlocked the superhuman part that lay dormant within our young Pakistani-American teen. And no, she isn’t an Asgardian!

However, the subtle highlight of the episode was the clever mention of the Illuminati.

Did Kamal just mention Earth-838’s Illuminati? Or do they exist in the Earth-616?

In Sam Raimi’s Multiverse of Madness, one of the most important elements was the Illuminati from Earth-838. Led by X-Men’s Charles Xavier, the team of secret superheroes featured several other characters like Black Bolt from Inhumans, Captain Carter, a sweet Baron Mordo, Reed Richards from Fantastic 4, and Maria Rambeau as the Earth-838’s Captain Marvel. Given that the screen time of some of our favorite Marvel characters was short-lived, it’s important to note that there are Earths out there in the multiverse where this group of superheroes exists.

However, the twist in Ms. Marvel Episode 2 was not only the mention of the Illuminati but also the description, that “They Know Everything.” So, here the question lies, does Earth-616 has Illuminati already, or the mention of Illumi-Aunties was just a coincidence. Well, as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is concerned, nothing is ever a coincidence. For instance, during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange, and Reed Richards were mentioned as potential threats to the balance of life on earth. What’s spookier is the image that you’ll see below!

Doesn’t this get you on the edge of your seat and wonder if the Earth-616 already has its group of Illuminati or someone’s recruiting them in the background now that the Avengers are all gone, and some very very far away like Captain Marvel, Thor, and The Guardians.

MCU outwitted everyone even us hardcore geeks when they involved the Illuminati in Doctor Stranger: Multiverse of Madness.

Illuminati of Earth 616

According to original source, ie., in the comics, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Fantastic Four, Professor Xavier, Black Bolt, and Namor met secretly for years. They shared information, strategized irrespective of their considerable differences, and hid the existence of such a team. But ultimately the team met its end after a notable multiversal crisis that led to incursions of the highest magnitude.

For years, the team dedicated its resources to protecting Earth in all secrecy and usually took matters into their own hands. For instance, there was an incident where the team traveled to Skrulls’ homeworld and gave them an ultimatum of not interfering in Earth’s affairs ever.

The most important question that fans have is if Earth-616 has Illuminati protecting it from Shadows? Only the future installments of Phase 4 will unveil if such a team exists.

Stay tuned for more updates on Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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