Kang The Conqueror Uses Wanda’s Chaos Magic To Trigger Incursion

We all know that Wanda collapsed the Dark hold castle and sacrificed herself at the end of Multiverse of Madness.

However, with a popular and powerful character like Wanda (Scarlet Witch), the chances of her being dead are very less.

But when she brings down Dark hold castle with herself in Mount Wundagore to destroy the Darkhold, we can see a bright red flash in the end.

Which can be the Scarlet Witch is protected by her Chaos magic during the fall.

Then what happened to her character, when and where can we expect Wanda to appear?

Scarlet Witch’s Future in the MCU

In some interviews, Elizabeth Olsen addressed Wanda’s future in the MCU and her interest in the House of M storyline.

While the Mutants are yet to be introduced in the MCU that story could happen at a later point.

But there is a story that can be Wanda’s next chapter in the MCU “The Children’s Crusade”.

A Recurring MCU Easter Egg Reveals Young Avengers Lineup – Theory Explained

As they are introducing many young avengers characters in the MCU, Billy and Tommy are also a part of the team.

This is the perfect opportunity for Wanda to appear and she can also appear in the spin-off series of “Agatha House of Harkness”.

But before that, there is a multiversal crisis “incursion” which leads to the Secret Wars.

Kang Wipes Wanda’s Memory

He who remains (Kang variant) who was killed in the Loki season 1 led way for Kang the Conqueror to take over the TVA.

And with the sacred timeline shattered and the incursion events are going to make things even worse.

However, Kang will be aware of the incursion and collisions, so he plans to conquer and destroy other universes.

Kang And Scarlett

In the comics, after the House of M storyline, Wanda’s memory gets wiped and manipulated by Dr. Doom.

Although in the MCU, Kang could be the one who wipes her mind and uses her chaos power to achieve his own goals.

With this chaos power, Kang the conqueror can defeat his other variants from the other universe.


And the incursion event leads to total collision and collapse of the multiverse before all of the reality ends.

Kang obtains more power from the cosmic beings called “Beyonders” using Scarlet Witch’s chaos power.

Eventually, Kang creates the battle world like Dr. Doom did in the secret wars storyline in the comics.

And this multiverse war prevents everyone from saving reality and everything ends in a cliffhanger.

In the end, all the heroes from different universes must rise against Kang and defeat him to start the multiverse again.