Kang The Conqueror's Gauntlet Proves Deadlier Than Thanos' Version
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Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Proves Deadlier Than Thanos’ Version

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 22,2021

Thanos is regarded as the ultimate Marvel villain till now. His Infinity Stones Gauntlet tore earth and the Avengers apart in the MCU. But now Marvel is saying that there’s someone more powerful than Thanos and that’s no one other than Kang the Conqueror with his gauntlet. 

In Avengers Mech Strike #2, Kang totally obliterated a seasoned member of the Avengers. Now Thanos might have snapped the entire half of the universe away from existence, but that action was reversible. However, Kang’s actions are not. Let us tell you why Kang is more powerful and more brutal than Thanos. 

Who Gets Killed By Kang The Conqueror? 

Kang The Conqueror And Thanos

In Avengers Mech Strike, written by Jed Mackay with art by Carlos Magno, the team is pitted against biomechanoids who are energy-consuming monsters. The book has done a great job of escalating the dangers and threats that the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes face. In the book, the Avengers are repeatedly suffering at the hands of Kang. But Tony has an idea that helps them.

As a reaction to Kang’s actions, Tony Stark gives each of the Avengers their very own Iron Man suits. But there’s a problem. The attacks of these biomechanoids are increasing but the mech suits made by Stark haven’t been successful in stopping it. The fact that the creatures can grow and gain abilities has also prevented the Avengers from gaining a winning hand. 

If you thought that’s bad, then you haven’t heard the worst thing yet- these creatures are part of a larger plan that’s being executed by Kang. And as we said before, to make matters terrible for the Avengers, the conqueror just killed one of the Avengers. 

When Kang the Conqueror was taking over the Avengers Mountain, he used his annihilation gauntlet without a single moment of hesitation. The casualty of that attack was Black Panther as he disintegrated instantly. This heightened the threat against the Avengers significantly. And as one might imagine, it’s easy to draw parallels between Kang’s gauntlet and Thanos’s Infinity gauntlet. 

Black Panther

Why Is Kang’s Gauntlet Deadlier Then Thanos’? 

By now everyone knows that in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos wielded the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe off half the population of the universe with one snap. This event was called “the blip.” But at the end of Avengers: Endgame, most of the population gets brought back as a result of Iron Man’s sacrifice. 


So even though Thanos’s gauntlet wreaked havoc, but the actions were reversible. Now the same can’t be said for Kang’s annihilation gauntlet. Obviously, the annihilation gauntlet isn’t as powerful as Thanos’s, but it still proves to be deadly since Kang used it more definitively. 

It should be noted that Kang admits that the death was purely unintentional. He says that he will have to recalibrate the gauntlet since its power is staggering. After that, he fights Tony but doesn’t kill him. 

T’Challa isn’t so lucky. Actually, he never even uses the mech suit made by Stark to fight. He simply doesn’t get the time to use it. He gets killed before he even gets ready to fight. His ultimate role in the book was to aid Tony and to try and solve the mystery of the biomechanoids. But the duo largely failed to accomplish that. 

But the worst thing is that the odds of T’Challa coming back are slim to none. Endgame and Infinity War was successful in wiping off half of the hero characters without even once worrying about the heroes not being brought back. But there’s no chance of that in this miniseries that’s set outside of Marvel’s main continuity. So there are no do-overs. Black Panther is dead and he isn’t coming back. 

Kang The Conqueror

Kang’s gauntlet has killed, which Thanos’ wasn’t successful in doing. Iron Man’s sacrifice was a noble one in Endgame that saved everyone. So he wasn’t killed but chose to sacrifice himself. Also, his death was a huge thing. But Black Panther died unceremoniously and without contributing much to the knowledge of how to defeat these monsters. 

So Kang is dangerous since he can create and execute destructive schemes. But also because he uses his weapons in much more devastating ways that even other high-level villains don’t. It’s clear now that the Avengers will have to find a new way to get the upper hand against Kang. But we can already bet that it certainly won’t be easy, especially with T’Challa not there to help them anymore. 

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