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Kang & Time Travel Connection Teased By Moon Knight’s New Device

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 2,2022

Moon Knight features a new device that hints at a connection between the Disney+ series and Kang the Conqueror’s time travel. Oscar Isaac plays Marc Spector in the forthcoming MCU series. This looks to be a standout among Marvel’s Phase 4 offerings. Moon Knight, on the other hand, appears to be a self-contained story that is also premised. This is amid its use of Egyptian gods and mythology. However, promotional art for Moon Knight shows a scarab in the shape of a beetle. This could indicate some significant connections.

Moon Knight’s Promo Art

Moon Knight Promo 2

Moon Knight Promo 2

In terms of Moon Knight’s arsenal, Marc Spector has proven himself to be a master craftsman time and time again in the comics. However, he prefers to use his crescent moon darts as a weapon. Since they were prominently displayed in the Moon Knight teaser poster and Isaac’s MCU hero has confirmed that they will be used often. As expected, he would use a variety of weapons. However, new promo art hinted at the inclusion of a scarab beetle. This may not seem like a big deal at first. Instead, it could indicate that Kang, time travel, and the multiverse will play a role in the story of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight’s promo art features a beetle scarab that looks a lot like an ancient scarab that Marvel Comics recently introduced. For the first issue of 2019, Cullen Bunn and Ibrahim Moustafa’s Moon Knight Annual #1 told the story of several different incarnations of Moon Knight taking on Kang the Conqueror over time. Ancient Egyptians were at odds. This is because they wanted three totems that belonged to Kang, including a scarab, an ankh, and a scepter. A time-traveling scarab in beetle-like form is guarded by the comic book’s regular Moon Knight. Meanwhile, Kang returns to the ankh in record time. As of right now, it appears that Moon Knight will include its own take on the gadget.

A Time-Traveling Scarab

Scarab Marvel Comics

Scarab Marvel Comics

Marketing tying Marc Spector to a time-traveling scarab could reshape expectations for Moon Knight if Kang’s totems are included. Avengers: Endgame was the first MCU film to dabble in time travel. Nonetheless, Loki introduced the concept of time travel across multiple universes in Phase 4. So, it’s possible that Moon Knight can carry on that trend. This could explain why it’s coming out at this particular point in the MCU’s story. This could be an opportunity for the series to introduce previous incarnations of Moon Knight and experiment with the show’s setting.

There is now a potential link to Kang in addition to the time travel aspects of Moon Knight. Scarab and totems like it were his means of manipulating the world in accordance with his desires. Due to the multiverse breaking in Loki’s season finale, multiple versions of Kang should now exist. One of the more evil Kangs could appear in Moon Knight. The Egyptian pharaoh Rama-Tut was one of Kang’s previous identities, so there has already been a lot of speculation about this. His longstanding feud with Khonshu could be depicted as Kang’s Rama-Tut self in Moon Knight.

However, the possibility of Moon Knight exploring time travel and connections to Kang the Conqueror is a lot of fun! Phase 4 properties such as these would give the show some familiar elements. A coincidence or a deliberate nod to Kang’s totem could explain the beetle scarab, but if so, Moon Knight could have more significant MCU implications.

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