Kang's Greatest Enemy Is Ultron And Not The Avengers
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Kang’s Greatest Enemy Is Ultron And Not The Avengers

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 6,2021

Kang’s greatest enemy is Ultron and not the Avengers. The debate about who’s the strongest MCU famous villains is a never-ending discussion. Fans of the Avengers have actively shared their thoughts on this matter on social media almost like creating a battle of their own. All that stands between Kang and Ultron’s greatest battle – the Ultron War – are ‘The Avengers’.

Among all of the Avengers’ antagonists, Ultron and Kang the Conqueror are the most aggressive. The Ultron War was unveiled in Avengers Vol. 4’s ‘Next Avengers’ by John Romita Jr. and Brian Michael Bendis. Since both villains more or less want total domination over Earth, this is when the Ultron War will occur between the two. This will also take place only when Earth’s greatest Heroes are no longer able to stand in their way.

How is Ultron, Kang’s greatest enemy?

Ultron is a cold-blooded assassin who acts only to promote his ambitions of dominance. Unlike Kang, Ultron wants nothing more than to wipe out humanity, as Age of Ultron made very apparent. It’s ultimately Ultron’s robotic, unrelenting devotion to the evil that only makes him Kang’s greatest enemy but also the Avengers’ most deadly foe in the long run.

Kang Vs Ultron

In this grandiose narrative, there is an unexpected surge of time-displaced creatures that suddenly overwhelms the Avengers. Some of these creatures are from the past and others from Marvel’s various alternate realities. Bucky Barnes’ Captain America, Protector, Wolverines, and Iron Man split into four teams and go to an apocalyptic future. This is where Tony Stark warns that Ultron and Kang’s conflict would have a devastating effect on the world.

Kang’s obsession with conquest leads him to believe that Ultron is the ultimate enemy,” explains an older Tony. In the future, Ultron will surpass all mortals in terms of intelligence and physical strength. Having assembled an army of heroes and villains from throughout the ages, it is at this moment that Kang strikes. Ultron, on the other hand, has a digital consciousness that can be passed across many Vibranium-Adamantium alloy bodies. This makes him invincible and forces Kang to start manipulating time to construct an army he can lead to triumph.

What are the consequences of the Ultron War?

Ultron vs Kang The Conqueror

Consequences don’t happen at once. When faced with Ultron at his weakest moment despite his honor, Kang will not fight him despite the army he has assembled. This in fact does lead to additional time manipulation. By manipulating time in this way, Kang ultimately breaks the timestream. The day of the fight begins to repeat like an ominous version of “Groundhog Day.” In anticipation of the Ultron War, old Tony Stark has gathered the Avengers to meet Ultron and implore the robot to let Kang win. This is the only way for the looping Conqueror not to annihilate all of the time.

But even though he’s a super-intelligent entity who can’t defy logic, future Ultron enables Kang to kill him. This infuriates the time-traveling villain and sends him off in quest of another challenge in the Ultron War II narrative that’s about to begin anew. You can see how powerful each evil is by the fact that when they go to battle, the very fabric of time buckles under their weight.

Kang’s hubris and sense of glory are his main limitations, which makes him a potentially lethal opponent for any team. It’s possible that he could kill any of his opponents in their cribs, but he prefers to battle them at their most powerful moments. However, Kang eventually met his match against Ultron in one of the most grueling fights the Avengers have ever fought.

Could there be an Ultron War in MCU?



The Ultron War turned out to be one possible scenario of a final battle between Ultron and Kang which cost countless lives and nearly wiped out the whole universe’s history. If Kang’s greatest enemy and he are once again at odds, a similar battle might break out, and the tale could even be adapted for the MCU, where the multiverse would allow for a more grandiose final clash between the two villains. It’s up to the Avengers on how they’d stop Kang the Conqueror and Ultron from wiping out Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the interim, for if they fail, time itself may suffer as a result.

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