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Kang’s MCU Origin: Marvel Is Secretly Changing The Conqueror’s Story

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 12,2022

The origins of Kang the Conqueror may be altered for the MCU, according to new teases from Marvel’s Moon Knight. Kang’s comics past as the pharaoh Rama-Tut in ancient Egypt has been linked to some new and possible Easter eggs in the Disney+ show. Aside from Moon Knight discovering Alexander the Great’s tomb, new information about the Macedonian ruler could have a significant impact on Kang’s story in the MCU.

As Moon Knight episode 4 begins, Steven Grant takes the reins while Marc Spector is compelled to take a back seat. They no longer have Khonshu’s power after he was imprisoned by other Egyptian gods, but Steven is still determined to find Ammit’s ushabti before Arthur Harrow, who aims to resurrect her so that she can arbitrarily judge the world for sins that have yet to be dedicated. Layla, Marc’s ex-wife, joins Steven in the search for Ammit’s tomb, and the two make numerous important discoveries together. The new MCU villain Kang the Conqueror, who was teased at the end of Loki, may have some connection to one of the revelations that were made.

Despite the fact that Moon Knight has few connections to the MCU, the character of Kang has been set up in the previous two episodes. Ammit and Kang the Conqueror may have a secret connection, but Marvel’s new information about Alexander the Great proves that Kang’s roots will likely be changed because of the role the historical figure played in the time-early traveller’s life in the original comics. Kang the Conqueror’s MCU origins may be altered by Moon Knight.

Ammit’s final incarnation was Alexander

Alexander The Great_ How Moon Knight Connects To Thor 4's Character

Ammit’s tomb and the missing Alexander the Great’s tomb are the same, proving that the Macedonian ruler was once Ammit’s avatar, as discovered by Marc Spector’s alternate identity Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 4. As a result, Alexander’s sarcophagus included the ushabti in which the Ennead had imprisoned Ammit. According to history, Alexander the Great had one of the largest empires of all time, extending from Greece to the northwestern Indian subcontinent. He may have been one of the most successful rulers of all time in part because of this newfound information that he was an Egyptian goddess’s avatar, Ammit.

Connections between Kang and Alexander the Great in the comics

Kang the Conqueror, a recently concluded comic series, made connections between Alexander’s conquest and Nathaniel Richard’s aspirations in the third century that would later lead to Kang’s rise to power. Being taught by a more mature version of himself, Kang’s origins were revealed to be contradictory, with him constantly striving to improve on the one that came before him. He developed a streak of heroism in his youth, taking inspiration from Captain America and Alexander the Great, which Kang the Conquerer tried to stamp out as an adult.

Although Kang had complete access to the past and could travel through time at will, he still held high regard for Alexander the Great and admired his victories and the sheer size of his empire. To understand Kang’s desire to conquer time, Alexander III provides a framework in which to do so. Now that He Who Remains is gone and the Sacred Timeline was shattered at the end of Loki, he’ll likely try to do the same in the MCU.

How The MCU’s Origins of Kang Are Altered In Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s New MCU Device Teases Time Travel & Kang Connection

According to the true statement about the ruler who wept (which Die Hard’s villain Hans Gruber, despite his classical education, got wrong), Alexander the Great also influenced Kang’s conquest. After hearing the theory that there were an endless number of realms and lamenting the fact that he had not even conquered one, Alexander wept instead of seeing his domain and shedding tears “for there were no more worlds to conquer”. So the older Kang made it his mission to conquer both time and Alexander, but also to conquer himself, announcing his efforts to mentor his younger self and build up a better Kang, free of the mistakes he had made such as his disaffection with “The romance of Alexander.”

When it comes to Kang and Alexander, there may be some ties, but his new role as an exiled Moon Knight in the MCU means that his heroic qualities are likely to have been toned down in the comic book universe. As far as Alexander is concerned, this suggests that Kang’s ancestry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be different. It does, however, appear that the MCU will soon feature one of Kang’s variants based on Alexander the Great, one who has taken his inspiration even further by becoming an ancient pharaoh.

Is Rama-Tut going to be a part of the MCU?



He was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who ruled using technology from the future to build an empire large enough to rival Alexander the Great. In the comics, however, the Fantastic Four were able to stop him in his tracks. In Moon Knight’s third episode, one of Ammit’s disciples was wearing a jacket with Rama-distinctive Tut’s crown, which was a nod to Kang the Conqueror. Not only does the discovery of Alexander’s sarcophagus and the lines on his face suggest a connection between Kang and Ammit, but viewers of Loki will recall the pyramids and Great Sphinx from The Void at the End of Time. During the age of Rama-Tut, a version of Kang’s love, Ravonna Renslayer, served as Khonshu’s ancient Moon Knight in the above said 2021 Kang comic book series.

In the MCU, Ammit and Kang have a similar style of operation that could connect them. Souls’ pasts, present, and futures are viewed by Ammit and they have judged accordingly. As with the Sacred Timeline, which He Who Remains created to preserve what he saw as the order of the multiverse, He Who Remains assigned everyone and everything a predetermined role and fate. His variant Kang will do the same, constructing his own timeline as he shapes it into his empire. This could imply that his Rama-Tut variant will appear in future Moon Knight episodes. Possibly not, though. Regardless, it appears that Kang the Conqueror’s origins are going to undergo a significant shift in the MCU.

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