Keanu Reeves Speaks Up About His Rumored MCU Casting

As the Infinity Saga saw its end in the grandest ways, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently in the middle of smoothly progressing into a captivating Phase 4. 

This metamorphosis brings together a whole new line of superheroes and villains. And they are making their first appearances into the franchise’s interwoven storyline. To join in with MCU’s upcoming adventures, several actors and actresses are entering Marvel. And together, they are bound to make an excellent group. 

Take for instance WandaVision’s inclusion of actors like Kathryn Hahn and Teyonah Parris into the MCU. As well as the latest movie Eternals, which involved a magnetic ensemble with stars like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, and Barry Keoghan. Regardless of having associated the names of such renowned actors with the MCU, the franchise still has a huge scope for accommodating more stars.

Only recently, Fifty Shades of Grey’s Jamie Dornan opened up about a meeting he had with the Marvel Studios. He said that president Kevin Feige let him in of the possibility of a role to play one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. To weigh in, yet another acclaimed actor has expressed his opinions on being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Keanu Reeves finally opens up about MCU rumours

Keanu Reeves, Marvel Studios logo

Known popularly for his role in The Matrix: Resurrections, Keanu Reeves is among Hollywood’s most remarkable actors. Reeves made a guest appearance in Esquire’s latest episode of Explain This. And in conversation, the actor was asked to shed light on his rumoured involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As a response to the alleged news, Keeves casually gave away the fact that the MCU is “bigger than a universe”. The actor also mentioned the “Multiverse” in his comments, implying familiarity. To add to his statement, the John Wick star confessed that it would be an “honour” to be a part of the superhero franchise. He said that Marvel Studios is “doing something no one’s ever done”.

“Isn’t it bigger than a universe. It’s almost like a Multiverse. It’s a Marvel-verse. You know, it would be an honor. There’s some really amazing directors and visionaries. They’re doing something no one’s really ever done. It’s special in that sense in terms of the scale, the ambition, the production, so it would be cool to be a part of that.”

Earlier in September 2020, Reeves was talked about a lot concerning rumours surrounding the Disney+ show Moon Knight. The Illuminerdi reported that the casting breakdown “specifically references” the actor for the show’s lead role.

Elaborating on the subject, the outlet from the report also states that Reeves “had previously spoken” with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about entering the franchise “at least since the pre-production of Captain Marvel when he flirted with the Yon-Rogg role.”

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Keanu Reeves’ potential MCU character

The latest statements made by actor Keanu Reeves make it obvious that he is willing to work with Marvel Studios. And that in the future, he could be a part of the MCU. 

Marvel Moon Knight Keanu Reeves

Considering the star’s excellent work in the industry, it is important to keep in mind that Marvel Studios is taking its sweet time to come across the perfect role for him. A rumour taken from The Illuminerdi backed this idea. In it, the outlet stated that the actor was “specifically” referenced to the casting breakdown of Moon Knight’s Marc Spector.

Keanu Reeves has been a candidate for future MCU casting by the fans for quite a while now. This is because the actor is exceptionally talented and apt to take up a sincere role on screen. Not only that, fans have speculated Reeves’ to play certain MCU characters. And these include some interesting names like Wolverine, Silver Surfer, and Ghost Rider.

From all the above assumptions, the possibility of Reeves picking up Ghost Rider or Silver Surfer is the highest. While Marvel Studios has stayed quiet about the lead actor for Wolverine, it is safe to assume that the franchise would rather choose a younger actor to play the role. 

But what does Reeves’ remark suggest?

On a different but equally intriguing note, Reeves mentioning the “Multiverse” in his response is something we cannot just ignore. It only means that the actor is familiar with the direction that MCU is heading into. And that he might have been approached, or even cast, for a role that is currently a secret. 

But looking at it from another angle, Reeves could be getting ahead in time to stay updated on Marvel’s plans. For when the time finally arrives, and Feige approaches him, he would be aware of what he will be dealing with in the future. And that is just something a veteran would do.