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Kelly Gale, Victoria’s Secret Model, Shows Off Her Cleavage

By Alankar Nayak
January 14,2022

Kelly Gale isn’t afraid to flaunt her incredible body. And Victoria’s Secret model, showed off her cleavage while on vacation in St. Barths with her actor fiancé Joel Kinnaman.

She drew attention to her toned form and five-star accommodations by lifting herself out of the infinity pool at her opulent waterfront hotel. She was dressed in a dazzling green bikini that showed off her enormous assets to perfection.

Kelly Gale

Kelly wore gold necklaces with her wet brunette locks cascading down her shoulders. As the sun sank behind her, the Swedish-Australian beauty stared out into the distance and captioned the snap, ‘Pretty awesome sunset.’ It comes after Kelly reacted angrily to critics who questioned whether she was ‘over-exercising’ and starving herself’ to preserve her slender figure.

Kelly Gale

During an Instagram Q&A in December, a fan questioned, ‘Did you ever overwork and undereat?’ ‘Never. ‘I like to take care of my body and mind, so I consume things that are nourishing and tasty, and I eat as much as I want,’ Kelly replied. ‘I train to feel good and to push myself.’ ‘Recently, I’ve been more interested in acquiring new martial arts skills than in any other training,’ she continued.

Kelly Gale

She revealed in 2017 that her pre-runway training routine included going to the gym seven times a week for up to two and a half hours at a time.
Kelly stated in an interview with Vogue Australia in 2018 that she eats a balanced diet of lean protein, veggies, and healthy carbohydrates.

Kelly Gale

‘I was never exposed to nasty, harmful things, so it’s only natural for me to eat really healthy,’ she explained.’I eat a lot of fish, all veggies except potatoes, slow-release carbs like oatmeal for the morning, yogurt, and a lot of berries and fruits,’ she says. Kelly’s diet is supplemented by gym workouts and outdoor sports such as tennis and beach volleyball.

Source: Daily Mail

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