Kevin Feige Spills The Beans On Venom 2’s Post-Credits Scene

While Marvel Studios’ Eternals could be the next release, Spider-Man: No Way Home has already reached dizzying heights of anticipation. If all goes as planned, Peter Parker’s next venture will focus on his life after the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming. When things go wrong in the first trailer (and they do), it’ll bring in antagonists from prior films in the franchise, such as Doc Ock.

And they’re not the only ones. Willem Dafoe’s Green Golbin is expected to join forces with Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman. Tom Holland’s webslinger will have his work cut out for him when this film hits theatres.

Let There Be Carnage: Eddie Brock, nicknamed Venom, had his own debut as a Spidey villain even though it wasn’t part of the MCU. The majority of the film’s time has been spent dealing with Carnage and his heinous crimes, but the conclusion had a huge twist for viewers. The world’s collective brains were shattered when Tom Hardy’s Venom was revealed to be part of the MCU in the movie’s after-credits scene. It’s unclear how this happened, but it’s safe to assume it has something to do with whatever drew the other bad guys here. What’s the background behind how everything came to be?

Venom And No Way Home Have Confirmed Coordination

For Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s big mid-credits scene, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Kevin Feige at the Eternals world premiere. Venom 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home’s production teams “worked together on it,” said the Marvel Studios president.

“There was a lot of coordination — and if you don’t know all the coordination yet, I’m not going to be the one to tell you — but yes, between Sony and Marvel and the Venom team and the No Way Home team… We worked together on it.”

Kevin Feige Finally Puts His Hands On Venom

Venom 2

This discovery almost certainly confirms Tom Hardy’s role as Venom in Spider-Man: No Way Home for the majority of people. Having that line of thinking is perfectly understandable.

However, the presence of the symbiote isn’t a given. Over the last year, a slew of villains have been reported for the film, and none of them featured Venom. Because of this, the antagonist and Spider-Man don’t have any previous ties. It would be a lot to establish while plenty of other things are already happening.

Everything here seems to be leading up to a feature featuring only Spider-Man and Venom, with Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Tom Hardy as Venom. Sony’s largest property is the symbiote, so it’s likely that the studio wants him to be in the spotlight just as much as Holland—something that wouldn’t be possible if the villain joined the already busy Spider-Man: No Way Home picture.