Kim Kardashian Allegedly Demanded Money From Paparazzi For Photoshoots

Former CEO Of Paparazzi Agency, Gary Morgan, Claims That Kim Kardashian Would “Orchestrate” Photo Shoots And Ask For Money Upfront From Paparazzi For Getting Clicked

By Akshay Sharma
April 15,2023

Kim Kardashian, the social media influencer and founder of SKIMS, has been in the news for allegedly asking for money upfront from paparazzi for getting clicked during public outings. A former CEO of a paparazzi agency, Gary Morgan, claimed that Kim Kardashian would “orchestrate” photoshoots with the photographers.

Kim Kardashian Orchestrated Photo Shoots

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

In a recent Hollywood Raw podcast, Morgan revealed how Kim Kardashian used to ask for her cut after getting clicked at public outings. He shared that Kim wanted the money upfront, and he used to make changes in the pictures after discussing it with her.

Personal Photographer And $100,000 Per Photo


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Gary Morgan also revealed that Kim Kardashian had a personal photographer who went on vacation with her and photoshopped the pictures to make them look nice. According to Morgan, they made over $100,000 for Kim Kardashian’s beach photos in the mid-90s for renowned magazines like PEOPLE or US Magazine.