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Kimberley Garner Flaunts Her Bubble Butt In A While Thong Bikini During Her Miami Stay

By Celeb Staff
March 30,2022

Kimberley Garner, who is the owner of a luxurious coastal property in Miami, is currently enjoying the plush summer sun of the city while staying in her second home. 

This Tuesday, the west London native flaunted her bubble butt in a revealing bikini as she hit the gorgeous Miami beach.

The 3q year-old former Made In Chelsea star showed off her enviable and perky rear in the white thong as she donned a white unbuttoned shirt on her top half.

Kimberley Garner

Kimberley Garner showcased her peachy derriere as she hit the beach in Miami on Tuesday.

Kimberley made a jaw-dropping appearance as she showcased her stunningly tanned legs and shielded her face with a pair of chic round sunglasses while sipping on an iced coffee. 

The swimwear designer looked absolutely breathtaking in the bikini. To accentuate her playful beach outfit, she used high-end accessories like a yellow Channel handbag while sporting several gold necklaces and bracelets.  

Garner styled her signature blonde tresses back into a low bun. She decided to go bare with makeup as her face radiated that beautiful natural glow. 

Kimberley Garner

The former Made In Chelsea star donned a white unbuttoned shirt on her top half.

Kimberley Garner

She accessorised her beach attire with a yellow Chanel handbag while sporting several gold necklaces and bracelets.

Kimberley Garner

Kimberley flashed her tanned legs and hid her face behind a pair of stylish round sunglasses.

The reality TV star appeared to be having a wonderful time as she flashed a smile for the camera. She then went on to dive into the sea with her adorable pooch.

In yet another snap, Kimberley Garner was seen enjoying a few slices of watermelon to cool her down, along with a salad. 

The blonde beauty was accompanied by her friend on the beach. And she tagged her furry little companion along with us here for a lovely day at the beach. 

Kimberley Garner

The reality TV star flashed a smile while taking a dip in the sea with her pooch.

Kimberley Garner

Kimberley was seen enjoying a few slices of watermelon

Kimberley Garner’s Eventual Rise To Fame

While the swimwear designer has worked incredibly hard towards earning a place in the entertainment industry, Kimberley also recalls her time from the beginning. Back in time, she has revealed how she used to pretend to be an intern when she first started the business because nobody paid enough attention to her to take her opinions into consideration. 

But the property heiress constantly presses on the fact that she is more than just the face of her line Kimberley London. The star is also very indulgent in the business as she expresses her ideas towards every aspect of creating her sell-out swimwear range. 

In an interview with MailOnline. Kimberley said:

‘I think people sometimes think that I’m only the face, but I am responsible for every bit of the business. 

Kimberley Garner

She scraped her blonde locks back into a low bun.

Kimberley Garner

Kimberley was joined by her blonde pal on the beach.

Kimberley Garner

Garner plays with her friend’s furry companion

‘I was 18 when I started my first company – I came up with an idea, stayed up for days learning how to register the company and teaching myself. It became very successful overnight.’

Kimberley explained:

‘However, as I was only 18, no one ever imagined it was mine. I was a young blonde girl with a soft voice. No one would take me seriously or realise it was my company. So, I pretended to be the Intern!

‘I handled all the meetings, phone calls, and emails for the company. When it became a success, I put all the revenues into starting Kimberley London.’ 

Kimberley Garner

Kimberley has previously revealed how she used to pretend to be an intern when she first started the business

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