Kimberley Garner Shows Off Her Flawless Figure In Tiny Purple Bikini While Vacationing In Miami

Kimberley Garner flaunted her killer curves as she spent some downtime on the beach with friends in Miami, Florida on Wednesday.

The 31 year-old swimwear designer donned a purple bikini with wrap around strings and a mini cover up to match her two-piece.

Former Made In Chelsea star Kimberley Garner displayed her taut abs as she strutted down the white sand. Her skimpy bikini top left little room for imagination.  

Kimberley Garner showed off her bikini top leaving plenty of skin on display
She spent downtime on the beach with friends in Miami, Florida on Wednesday

She showed off her bronzed skin after relaxing for a couple of days in the tropical sunshine.

The television personality wore a pair of dark shades to protect her eyes from the sun. As for accessories, she wore some delicate gold chains to match the rims of her sunglasses. 

The swimwear designer wore her swimwear with wrap around strings
She displayed a glowing tan in the tropical sunshine this week

Kimberley Garner was casually gossiping with a friend. The gal pals walked across the beach towards a bar to get some refreshments. 

The friend wore a black bikini with a matching sarong which featured a gold trim and a split to the front.

The two seemed to be having a fun conversation with all smiles as they ordered their drinks at the beach bar. 

Kimberley was seen chatting to a friend
Her pal wore a black bikini with a matching sarong
Kimberley accessorised with some delicate gold chains to match her sunglasses

Kimberley Garner Is In Good-Looking Company

After having her refreshment, Kimberley took a dive into the Atlantic Ocean with a hunky pal.

Garner seemed to be having the time of her life as she swum in the crystal clear water during her American break. In between breaks, she chatted away with her friends while standing in the water in bright daylight. 

After enjoying a cooling drink, the star took to the Atlantic Ocean for a dip with a hunky pal
The pair were seen chatting as they stood in the cool water close to the shore
Her male friend wore a pair of black swimming shorts

Joining the lot was Kimberley Garner’s male friend, who rocked a pair of black swimming shorts as the pair enjoyed a swim together.

Kimberley’s female friend in the black bikini also took a swim in the shallow water with her cute dog along.

In one shot, the reality star and her male pal snuggled with the pup as it paddled in the gentle waves. 

The reality star and her male pal were also seen holding the pup as it paddled

Leading Woman Of Kimberley London

It is true that Kimberley Garner is now recognized widely as a swimwear designer. But she has reflected upon her time as a beginner. Back then, she used to pretend to be an intern because nobody took her seriously.  

But the property heiress is more than just the face of her line Kimberley London. She makes sure to be present and indulgent in the decision making while creating her sell-out swimwear range.

In an interview with MailOnline, she said:

‘I think people sometimes think that I’m only the face, but I am responsible for every bit of the business.

I was 18 when I started my first company
She looked content after her summer swim

‘I was 18 when I started my first company – I came up with an idea, stayed up for days learning how to register the company and teaching myself. It became very successful overnight.’  

She explained:

‘However, as I was only 18, no one ever imagined it was mine. I was a young blonde girl with a soft voice. 

‘No one would take me seriously or realise it was my company. So, I pretended to be the Intern!

‘I handled all the meetings, phone calls, and emails for the company. When it became a success, I put all the revenues into starting Kimberley London.’

I was a young blonde girl with a soft voice
Kimberley was seen kneeling on a towel in the shade in Miami
Kimberley showed off her pert behind
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