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Krasinski May Continue To Play The Iconic Role In MCU Earth 616

By Abraham George
May 10,2022

The 838 section of the MCU Multiverse contains a number of elements that aren’t present in the main Earth-616 explored in Marvel Studios’ numerous projects. For openers, Earth-838 is home to Marvel’s First Family: the Fantastic Four, as well as mutants and, by extension, the X-Men. While the audience does not get to meet the entire FF team in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, they do get to meet its leader, Dr. Reed Richards, the brightest man alive.

Reed, of course, does not survive the film; he is transformed into string cheese by Wanda Maximoff, nicknamed Scarlet Witch. Except for one, none of the heroes met on Earth-838 survive long once Wanda arrives, as she ruthlessly murders them one by one. She was, however, going through some issues. Some Darkhold-inspired material. It’s best to stay out of it.

Reed Richards, on the other hand, is worth delving into deeper. Naturally, actor John Krasinski portrays the stretchable superhero in Multiverse of Madness. Does Krasinki’s portrayal of the character ring a bell? If one pays attention to the MCU discussion, it should. Since at least 2017, fans have been asking for the Office alum to give his talents to the Fantastic Four’s father. It’s finally happened with the release of the Doctor Strange sequel.

Now With 838 Richards Dead, Is 616 Possible?

John Krasinski Might Cameo As Mr. Fantastic in Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Since the 838 Mister Fantastic is both from another world and deceased, raising the question of whether Krasinski’s appointment was a one-off to placate fans, or would the Jack Ryan star take over the part in the mainline MCU, most likely with Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four film? For starters, Krasinski is the perfect age to play the role.

Furthermore, based on his all-too-brief appearance in Doctor Strange 2, he’s a perfect fit for the role, delivering his lines with a distant, holier-than-thou tone. Anyone who has read the Fantastic Four comic books knows that Reed Richards can be egotistical and easily sidetracked by his scientific work and study, which sometimes comes at the expense of his interpersonal connections.

Furthermore, the makeup of Earth-838’s superhero roster would seem to indicate that Krasinski will return to Earth-616, as the Illuminati are all played by the same actors that performed the parts in the MCU or in-house Marvel movies, with the exception of Charles Xavier. Peggy Carter, Maria Rambeau, and Anson Mount are still Peggy Carter, Hayley Atwell, and Lashana Lynch, respectively.

Would It Be Reasonable To Happen?

Fans want John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as the Fantastic Four

Fans want John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as the Fantastic Four

With all of this in mind, it’s worth emphasizing that landing a prominent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge commitment for an actor. The majority of the time, they are required to not only star in solo films but also to crossover into the films of other characters and participate in team-up films. Maybe Krasinski doesn’t want to sign away the next decade or more to Marvel? It’s very understandable.

So the question remains: was this merely a stunt? Hopefully not, despite the fact that many fans have been clamoring for John Krasinski to be Mister Fantastic. Let’s hope his appearance in Multiverse of Madness wasn’t just a one-time affair.

It’s worth noting that many of the fans who have been clamoring for Krasinski’s real-life wife, Emily Blunt, to play Sue Storm’s Invisible Woman have also expressed a strong desire for Emily Blunt to play Sue Storm’s Invisible Woman. Sue is Reed’s FF teammate as well as his wife.

Blunt, who has previously been considered for MCU parts, most notably as Black Widow, revealed in a 2021 interview that she and her husband had received no calls from Marvel’s senior brass about joining these films. However, one need only look at the most recent Marvel movie to see proof to the contrary of her claims.

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will be present at both the San Diego Comic-Con and the Disney D23 conventions this year, whatever the case may be. With Fantastic Four filming set to begin in 2023, fans will almost certainly learn who has been cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s First Family.

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