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Kremlin Threatens To Walk Out Over Ukrainian Peace Talks Over Oil Issue

By Abraham George
April 2,2022

After accusing Ukrainian helicopters of bombing a Russian oil plant, the Kremlin has threatened to pull out of peace talks. Firefighters are currently battling a massive inferno caused by two Ukrainian military helicopters flying 25 miles across the Russian border at low altitude before launching S-8 rockets at a Roseneft storage facility in Belgorod. Of course, this is hardly anything that can be regarded as setting suitable conditions for the continuation of negotiations by the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov.

It’s possible that Russia may execute a false flag strike on its own soil to justify an expansion of the conflict or an abrupt end to peace negotiations. According to Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, “I cannot confirm nor deny the assertion that Ukraine was involved simply because I do not possess all the military intelligence.”‘ Deputy Prime Minister Gladkov, who was appointed by Vladimir Putin in 2020, stated two people were injured and portions of the city were evacuated in the first airstrike on Russian soil since World War II. Helicopters may be seen fleeing from the fire in a video published on social media around 5.43 a.m. local time; however, commentators note that Russia uses the same time for helicopters as Ukraine.

This would be Putin’s next embarrassment in his flailing campaign, as Ukraine has yet to confirm the occurrence. If genuine, this would be Ukraine’s second foray outside its boundary since the invasion following the claimed long-range missile attack on Miller over last month. While the Kremlin is supposedly planning a wave of attacks on its own cities, an exiled Russian lawmaker claims the FSB is planning a false flag operation that will be blamed on Ukraine to justify a widespread mobilisation of troops.

As day broke in Belgorod, the oil facility was ablaze, with the fire allegedly sparked by Ukrainian missiles

As day broke in Belgorod, the oil facility was ablaze, with the fire allegedly sparked by Ukrainian missiles.

“The Russian security agency is ready to strike its own chemical and weapons plants,” claimed Ilya Ponomarev, 46. “Attacks could involve the deaths of civilians.” In the meantime, Ukraine has retaken the vital villages of Sloboda and Lukashivka, both of which are located on a major supply route, while Russia continues to send troops back to Belarus and to the Donbas. Although Russia as yet to take a major city in five weeks, Ukraine still faces a severe task, Volodymyr Zelensky said Wednesday night.

Similar video of a massive explosion at a suspected arms storage in Belgorod surfaced on Tuesday. At first, it was assumed that a Ukrainian missile had struck the depot. In the end, experts found that the bomb was probably caused by human error, rather than a premeditated strike. Ukraine’s 19th missile brigade, according to Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov, fired a Tochka-U missile against the stockpile, although his assertion was not corroborated by Ukrainian officials. No Russian people were harmed, according to Gladkov, the regional governor, but he declined to provide any additional information about the cause of the explosion.

While initial reports indicated that the explosion was caused by a Ukrainian missile, TASS stated that four Russian military personnel were hurt. ‘The Belgorod region was damaged by a shell that landed on military camp property. An emergency services source tells TASS that four soldiers were hurt. Ukrainian forces have retaken the towns of Sloboda and Lukashivka to the south of Chernihiv and along major supply routes between the city and the capital, Kyiv, according to British military intelligence. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that air and missile strikes have persisted in Chernihiv and Kyiv, despite Russia’s assurances that these areas have been reduced in activity.

Russian soldiers returned control of the dangerously polluted Chernobyl nuclear site to Ukrainian authorities early on Friday morning, according to authorities, and eastern portions of the country were readied.

Two people were injured in the Belgorod facility blaze, the Russian governor said, but they were expected to survive

Two people were injured in the Belgorod facility blaze, the Russian governor said, but they were expected to survive.

for renewed attacks. Russians also stopped another relief convoy to the beleaguered port city of Mariupol. According to Energoatom, Ukraine’s state power company, the troop withdrawal from Chernobyl was prompted by’significant doses’ of radiation soldiers got while excavating trenches in the forest surrounding the closed plant’s exclusion zone. However, there was no independent verification of this.