Laenor Velaryon Is The Biggest Threat To Daemon & Rhaenyra
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Laenor Velaryon Is The Biggest Threat To Daemon & Rhaenyra

Ser Laenor Velaryon is assumed dead. Laenor’s living causes issues for Daemyra, as their marriage is nullified & their sons are bastards.

By Pratyush Singh
December 17,2022

Who knew one of the most disrespected characters in House of the Dragon would pose the biggest threat to The Black Council? Ser Laenor Velaryon was the homosexual cuckold husband of the now Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and wasn’t respected by either of the two existing sides in House of the Dragon. When found to be alive neither The Greens nor The Blacks would be eager to bring him on their side. He is not an asset to the Targaryen civil war. Or at least that is what it looks like right now. Daemyra’s relationship is at threat though.

Laenor Velaryon could prove to be THE biggest threat to Daemyra, as there are two major ways I have identified that he can bring tremendous damage to Rhaenyra’s cause. It is more probable that Laenor will return to House of the Dragon than he won’t, otherwise, the showrunners wouldn’t have changed his angle in the series. In Fire & Blood, Ser Laenor doesn’t live.


Daemyra’s Marriage Is Nullified As Laenor Velaryon Is Alive

Daemyra have a Valyrian wedding ceremony

Daemyra have a Valyrian wedding ceremony

The biggest reason why Laenor Velaryon poses a significant threat to Daemyra is that his living makes their marriage null and void. Their children are bastards, hence Rhaenyra is left with no legitimate heirs, further lowering her claim to the iron throne.

I doubt that the Velaryons would take part in the war, if they withdrew from Rhaenyra’s cause, as they’re not fans of the Greens either. Laenor would take back its dragon Sunfyre, so it won’t be unclaimed anymore for The Blacks to take on their side.

The Greens have the Lannister fleet to defend their maritime attacks and Rhaenyra has the most extensive fleet in the world; the Vlearyon fleet. However, with Laenor returning, Lord Corlys would unlikely continue providing Rhaenyra with the Velaryon fleet’s support. So yes, Laenor being alive poses the biggest threat to Rhaenyra & Daemon.


What Does Laenor’s Return Mean?

Laenor Velaryon flees King's Landing in a boat

Laenor Velaryon flees King’s Landing in a boat

So, there’s only one way in which Laenor isn’t a threat to Rhaenyra if he succumbs to her side, gets his marriage annulled and moves on. This is highly unlikely to happen, as it’s probable that he and his parents already know who plotted his murder. Rhaenys Targaryen even subtly mentioned it to Rhaenyra, so we can bet that many people now know the truth.

After Laenor Velryon returns, his parents would likely be heavily moved by it and wouldn’t want to support Rhaenyra’s claim anymore. Lord Corlys Velaryon was anyway planning to retire with his family in Essos.

His return also means that the word of Rhaenyra and Daemon conspiring to murder Laenor Velaryon would be sent across the seven kingdoms. This would make the Lords & Ladies of Westeros lose respect for Rhaenyra and not support her claim anymore.