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Lee Jung-Jae Joining The Cast Of Star Wars: Acolyte

By Eswar Keshav
September 11,2022

Fresh from the D23, we have more official cast members revealed from the long-awaited Star Wars: Acolyte series which was announced way back in 2020, without much detail about the series and only that it would be a Sith-focused origin story, set a decade before the events of A Phantom Menace, which will bring back the golden age of Jedi as well as showcase the rise of power to Sith empire.

The Casting Announcement

Lee Jung-Jae

Lee Jung-Jae

In the latest buzz from the D23, we received an official announcement regarding the male lead in Star Wars: Acolyte. Squid Games star, Lee Jung-Jae is cast in the role of the male lead for the series.

Lee Jung-Jae will play the role opposite Amandla Stenberg, hunger games fame, who is the protagonist of the series. Aside from them, we also have a rumored addition to the cast Jodie Turner-Smith who is almost confirmed to be cast in the season and is in talks regarding the role she plays in the Disney+ series.

The series, which was announced in 2020 finally looks like it’s going on floors with all these new updates, although the release date is yet to be notified, fans look happy enough with the casting announcements as it includes some big names on the list, and the hype for the series also has been gradually increasing.

Star Wars: Acolyte will feature more political themes, blending them with an origin story of an Empire, and it was also revealed a while back that the show took its inspiration from the portrayal of Mandalorian.

There’s still time left for the D23 and we can expect more news about other Star Wars series and this show, either cast reveals or release dates for its long list of awaited projects, many of which have yet to start receiving updates.




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