Lena Headey’s Lawsuit Is As Real As It Gets Post Being Axed From Thor 4

Thor: Love and Thunder, the next Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, has an impressive roster of returning and new faces. As is the case with almost every film, several actors had sequences deleted. Lena Headey, who had a secret part in the movie, was victimized in this way.

The thought of being sued after being fired from a film is overwhelming. Headey is definitely in a similarly perplexing position since her scene in Thor: Love and Thunder was reportedly removed. Even though her parts were cut, it seems that Headey hasn’t won over her previous agency in the UK, Troika.

Lena Headey’s lawsuit is the newest controversial conversation in Hollywood. Troika, the actress’s former U.K. agency, is suing her for $1.5 million in unpaid commission payments from several projects. Headey allegedly owes her former agency for her work on a recent project. How much does she owe the agency for Thor: Love and Thunder?

In an unexpected moment of Hollywood drama, Variety confirmed that Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” does not include any scenes with actress Lena Headey. However, neither Lena nor Marvel’s representatives responded to Variety’s requests for comment in time for publication.

The Hefty Fee

Troika claims that Lena Headey owes the agency commission fees on a number of projects, including Thor: Love and Thunder. Apparently, Headey owes Troika at least $500,000, or 7% of her pay from the Marvel movie.

The remedies sought by Troika include an accounting of all outstanding commission fees, an order that Headey pay those amounts, damages for Headey’s breach of contract, interest, and reimbursement of legal expenses.

Headey particularly denies that Troika is entitled to a fee for either Thor: Love and Thunder, for which she claims director Taika Waititi directly contacted her.

In light of Troika’s lawsuit against Lena Headey, it will be fascinating to see how the case develops. The actress seems to have a strong defense at this point. Stay tuned to see how this case unfolds in the future.