Leonardo DiCaprio’s Love Life Heats Up With Supermodel Gigi Hadid

Hollywood Star Leonardo Dicaprio Was Seen Getting Cozy With 27-year-old Supermodel Gigi Hadid At A Pre-Oscar Party.

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 1,2023
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Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for his acting capabilities and immense talent, having grossed over $7 billion for his films, making him one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. He is also a successful businessman and producer, with countless awards to his name, including a spot on the list of 50 greatest actors of all time. Despite his success, DiCaprio has never been in a stable relationship and is known for dating women below the age of 25.

Recently, DiCaprio was seen getting cozy with 27-year-old American supermodel Gigi Hadid at Darren Dzienciol and Richie Akiva’s Annual Pre-Oscar Party. Many eyewitnesses claim that they were into each other and were enjoying the party like no other. The couple had previously been seen hanging out in September 2022 but had ended their relationship after DiCaprio was spotted with another model soon after.

Will It Be Long-Lasting?

Gigi Hadid And Leonardo Dicaprio

While the internet is debating whether the relationship will go the distance, only time will tell if they have what it takes. According to reports, the model is not going all the way with DiCaprio as this time around Hadid is not looking for a short fling and is preparing for the long run. She wants substance in her relationship, and while everyone hopes DiCaprio will eventually settle down, no one knows if this will be the one.

Killers Of The Flower Moon

Killers Of The Flower Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming movie, Killers of the Flower Moon, is a crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese. The two have worked together several times before, and the movie has an immense budget of $200 million. While the movie will be released in select theaters, it will be streamed on Apple TV+. The movie will be based on a bestselling book and will be set in the early 1900s, deciphering the murder of the oil-wealthy Osage Nation. The movie is expected to premiere at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

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