LGBTQ+ MCU Characters To Embrace Till Next Pride Month

We have seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe drastically expand its range of topics in only a few years. And much more variety is still to come. The LGBTQ+ community is often the last to be seated. But it’s encouraging to see Kevin Feige working to make the MCU more welcoming to diverse audiences.

Both Disney and Marvel Studios have been criticized for what is seen as a reluctance to include LGBTQ+ MCU characters. They’re also well-known for being slow to include Black, female, Latinx, and Asian characters, but that’s not the focus here.

Feige has ensured that fresh LGBTQ+ MCU characters would appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe chapters. Just how many LGBTQ+ MCU characters are there from Phase 1 to Phase 4?

America Chavez

In the recent Doctor Strange sequel film, a lesbian superhero made her debut in the MCU. It will be interesting to see how Chavez’s character continues to flirt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with other female superheroes in the same manner as she does in the comics.


Despite Loki’s extended tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his sexuality was established in his Disney+ show. The comic book version of the God of Mischief is bisexual and gender non-conforming.


It is no surprise that Loki’s equivalent is also bisexual. Sylvie initiated the discussion about Loki’s sexuality, and we anticipate further developments in this area.

Wendy Conrad

A Black New York City police officer and LARPer, she aids Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series on Disney+. Again, her sexuality is only alluded to in passing when she talks about her marriage.


Thor: Love and Thunder will possibly have a long love story for Valkyrie, whose star Tessa Thompson has been outspoken about being bisexual.


In Eternals, Phastos made history as the first openly gay hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phastos, portrayed by Brian Tyree Henry, is married and a father of many children.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a lesbian in at least one version of the comics. Canonically straight Carol Danvers is the only version of the character shown in the MCU. However, Phyla-Vell, the comic book lesbian character, and daughter of Mar-Vell, also took up the Captain Marvel banner.

Grieving Man

Joe Russo directed all four Marvel Studios films in the Captain America series, albeit he only appeared briefly in Endgame. Russo’s character is a homosexual guy in Captain America’s support group who has just lost a loved one.


The comic book equivalent of Okoye has a thing for ladies. The comics don’t specify Aneka’s sexual orientation, however in “World of Wakanda” she has a major love subplot with another Dora Milaje member. Okoye, however, is wed to a man called W’Kabi in the Black Panther movie.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio

Now that Deadpool is the only Fox/Marvel entity that will survive the Disney merger, Teenage Warhead and Yukio are legally part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To put it bluntly, for the time being. These two characters first appeared in Deadpool 2.


Additionally, Deadpool himself will eventually make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The humorous mercenary seems to have feelings for Colossus and is pansexual.


Wiccan, who was first introduced in WandaVision under the alias “Billy,” is homosexual and dating another character named “Hulkling” in the comics. Because their marriage was the first of its kind in the comics, and because it was a major event, it’s possible that the MCU will follow suit. Yet, only the future can tell for sure.


Although it has never been stated whether or not Ayo is a lesbian in the MCU, her comic book counterpart is. I hope the Marvel Cinematic Universe delves more into Ayo’s backstory in the next Black Panther sequel.


The human spouse of Phastos, named Ben, is also introduced in Eternals. Actor Haaz Sleiman portrays him in the film directed by Chloé Zhao, which also features Phastos and their son.


Korg is another character from the comics that is homosexual, although his sexuality has not been addressed thus far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor: Love and Thunder, however, I think will provide us a glimpse into his romantic history.