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Liberty Poole Flaunts In Silver Bra And Sparkling Miniskirt From LA

By Celeb Staff
May 4,2022

Liberty Poole left little to imagination by offering her sexiness in a bold new Instagram post from her LA getaway, which she uploaded on the media sharing app on Tuesday. 

The 22 year-old former Love Island contestant made a sultry show out of her killer curves in a tight silver bra. The star teamed the skimpy garment with a coordinating sparkling miniskirt and miniature jacket.

This latest update comes after Liberty Poole and 27 year-old Kaz Kamwi opened up about a horrifying incident. Apparently, both the women were threatened and held at knifepoint during their holiday this week.

Liberty Poole

Liberty Poole put on a very busty display in a tight silver bra and a matching sparkling miniskirt during her LA holiday

In the recent post, Liberty Poole wore beautiful accessories with her ensemble. She carried a cute white leather handbag. She also flicked her glossy blonde tresses as she strutted over a zebra crossing.

In her caption, she wrote: ‘She can beat me but she can’t beat my outfit ✨.’

Prior to this, Liberty Poole and Kaz Kamwi were in a state of absolute shock when a 40 year-old woman targeted them as they headed to a party on Thursday night. In the frenzy if the frightening moment, the stars urged two men to jump to their defense and apprehend the attacker while passersby called the police.

Liberty Poole

Liberty accessorised her look with a tiny white leather handbag and flicked her glossy blonde tresses

Liberty Poole

In her caption, she wrote: ‘She can beat me but she can’t beat my outfit ✨’

Come Sunday, the television personalities took to Liberty Poole’s Instagram Stories to express their immense gratitude for their fans, who offered very kind and heartfelt words of support.

Liberty Poole And Kaz Kamwi Recover From Shocking Incident 

In the update, Kaz was saying:

‘We just wanted to jump on really quickly and say thank you for all the messages we have received.

‘We’re leaving LA now, our cab’s downstairs to go to the airport.’

Liberty Poole interjected:

‘Obviously it was a scary incident that happened Thursday but we didn’t want it to affect the rest of our holiday so we’ve just been continuing on as normal and living our best lives.

‘Obviously it’s horrible that, that happened but we’re all OK and that is the main thing, that we’re safe.’

Kaz also added:

‘We just wanted to say thank you.’ 

According to more information provided on the matter, the incident was believed to have occurred when pals Liberty Poole and Kaz Kamwi got out of their car in the ‘wrong part of the neighborhood’.

‘Out of the blue, this woman appeared with a knife and threatened them,’ a source told The Sun.

‘Liberty and Kaz were obviously shocked and terrified — especially because guns are legal in the US.

‘But fortunately for them, two men who had been walking past came to their rescue and called the police.’

In addition, MailOnline reached out to Liberty Poole and Kaz Kamvi’s media representatives back then to speak up about the matter. 

Meanwhile, the duo flew off to LA last month. Both the social media celebrities have been sharing constant updates about their trip. Tge pair seemed to have a marvelous time basking in the sunlight, sightseeing and the music festival Coachella.

Liberty Poole

The pair jetted off to LA last month and have been documenting their trip to enjoy the sunshine, sightseeing and Coachella

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