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Liberty Poole’s Boobs Get In The Way Of Practicing For ITV Program

By Alankar Nayak
November 15,2021

Liberty Poole, best known for her appearance on Love Island, is slated to feature in the latest Dancing on Ice series, but she claims her vast boobs interfere with training. Liberty Poole of Dancing on Ice claims she loves her huge boobs but keeps falling on her front during practice.

The Love Island star reportedly refuted accusations that she has undergone cosmetic surgery, claiming that her attributes are genuine.


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However, the Birmingham beauty, teamed with new skater Joe Johnson on the ITV show, admits she keeps toppling over. “I am quite endowed with naturally huge boobs, so they’re not a bad advantage,” she remarked. “I’ve fallen over quite a few times, and it’s nice, so it’s slippy. “It’s bound to happen, but I’m just going to keep going.”

“I tripped on my front the other day but didn’t slap my face.”I skidded into it, so I was fine.”I try to be as graceful as possible, even if it’s difficult when falling over.”Liberty, the new Skinny Tan face, revealed that she no longer uses lip fillers and is “all natural” save for her summer glow.


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 “A lot of people wonder if my boobs are artificial, but I can confirm they are real,” she continued. I’m not sure why they’re so enormous.” I’m not interested in doing anything. I love my fake tan, but other than that, I’m content with who I am.”

Trolls recently accused the 21-year-old of altering her Instagram photos to make herself look leaner. She did, however, claim to have slimmed down as a result of the grueling training sessions for the skating competition, which will be shown on screens in January.


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 “I guess if you lose a little weight, people notice and all of a sudden you’re altering your images,” she explained, “but actually I’ve just naturally lost a little weight because I’m not lounging around doing nothing for three months.”

Maybe it’s because of the skating practice that I’ve shed some weight. “I wouldn’t even say I’ve shed a significant amount of weight.” The former Nando’s employee, who had a public breakup with ex Jake Cornish on Love Island, inset, above, still enjoys takeaways and craves a meal from the peri-peri chicken restaurant every day.

“I’m still on the same s***y diet,” she explained. “I still enjoy my McDonald’s.” I haven’t had much time, but I’m addicted to Nando’s takeout. Every day, I crave a Nando’s. “I’m still a sucker for sweet mugs of tea.” “I have a serious sugar craving.”

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