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Liz Hurley’s Gorgeous Lookalike Sister Kate Has Joined Hinge

By Alankar Nayak
January 11,2022

Kate Hurley, the older sister of actress Elizabeth Hurley, has started looking for love on the famous dating app Hinge.

Kate, 57, has created a profile on the platform with breathtaking selfies and bikini shots, but she has filtered out anyone who isn’t into dogs. According to sources close to model Kate Curren, her younger sister Liz Hurley urged her to go for it.

Her brother, Austin Powers, and Wonder Woman actor Liz Taylor assisted Kate in creating her profile, and Kate modeled some of Liz’s bikinis from her line on her page. In one photo, Kate is wearing a bright pink bikini with a gold clasp, her blonde hair in a loose beachy style, and natural makeup.

Liz Hurley's gorgeous lookalike sister Kate has joined Hinge

Kate can be seen in another picture wearing a green T-shirt and smiling as she takes the selfie. In another, she can be seen peeping over the frames of a pair of black spectacles, and in her final image, she is wearing a blue top.

Liz Hurley's gorgeous lookalike sister Kate has joined Hinge

In one photo, she is accompanied by her sister Liz, wearing bikinis from Kate’s collection. Kate, from Ledbury in Hertfordshire, defines herself as an agnostic and a “largely retired writer’s agent” on her page. “I know I’ve found the one when we just click,” she added. According to a source close to Kate, she is eager to meet a partner after being single for a time.

Liz Hurley's gorgeous lookalike sister Kate has joined Hinge

She resides in a three-bedroom cottage on Elizabeth’s property and is eager to get back into the dating game: “Kate has been divorced for a long time now.” “She’s had a few year-long relationships here and there, but she’s finally ready to make finding a mate seriously.” Liz is quite supportive; they’ve talked a lot about it.”

Kate, a dog lover, and her supermodel sister have modeled for Liz’s bikini line and shared photos of themselves on Instagram for their devoted admirers.

Source: Daily star

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