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Lizzie Cundy Strips Naked For A Shoot To Flaunt Her Personalized Chair In Sizzling Snap

By Celeb Staff
March 26,2022

Lizzie Cundy sizzled in a head turning look when she stripped completely naked for a steamy Instagram snap on Friday.

The 53 year-old radio presenter looked absolutely tantalizing as she posed in a pair of red heels to proudly show off her new chair.

Lizzie screamed her bold attitude, has she straddled her personalized chair that had her initials ‘LC’ embroidered on the back.

Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie Cundy stripped completely naked on Friday while stradding a personalized chair

Lizzie Cundy

‘Sunny and Chair … .well it’s sunny and I’ve got new chairs ! Enjoy the sunny weekend folks’

Cundy styled her caramel tresses in voluminous waves. She also wore a full face of glamorous makeup and thick lashings of mascara. 

She captioned the sultry photo with: ‘Sunny and Chair… well it’s sunny and I’ve got new chairs! Enjoy the sunny weekend folks.

Not only that, Lizzie Cundy took to her Instagram Stories to post another sizzling shot of herself showing off her enviable curves in a white floral bikini. 

Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie took to her Instagram Stories to post another sizzling shot of her in a white floral bikini.

The star soaked up the sun and wore a pair of aviator-style sunglasses to shield her eyes. 

Over the top she wrote: ‘Looking forward to Mother’s Day weekend in the sunshine’.

Lizzie Shows Her Support For Caprice Bourret

The update came after Lizzie expressed her support for Caprice Bourret. Earlier this month, the model received a lot of criticism over stripping naked to support victims in Ukraine.

Caprice was called out on social media after she posted a series of pictures of herself without even a single garment of clothing. In the snaps, she had the words ‘F U WAR’ written across her chest and back.

In a conversation with MailOnline, the 53 year-old TV personality Lizzie said that if a cause needs her to ‘wear less clothes in order to grab attention’, then she is more than happy to do it. 

Lizzie Cundy took to Instagram to share a sexy photo of herself with the caption: ‘Make love not war. #peace #love #saynotowar #poweroflove’. 

Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie supports Caprice Bourret following the backlash the model received over stripping naked to support victims in Ukraine.

In the photo, Lizzie is spread out on her bed with a copy of the self-help book The Secret in one hand. The star also quoted the anti-war song Imagine made famous by John Lennon. 

Speaking to Mail Online Lizzie said:

‘I’m backing Caprice as I feel we should promote peace in any way we can and if it means wearing less clothes and it gets attention then that’s what I’m going to do’.

‘I feel like we should all be doing our bit to protest about the war in our own way and which will get the most attention’. 

Lizzie Cundy

Caprice shared a slew of naked snaps of her with the words ‘F U WAR’ written across her chest and back

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