Loki Could Replace Captain America As The Leader Of The Avengers In Upcoming Movie
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Loki Could Replace Captain America As The Leader Of The Avengers In Upcoming Movie

Discover The Theory That Suggests Loki Could Potentially Become The New Leader Of The Avengers In The Upcoming Movie

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 20,2023

Marvel Studios has kept fans guessing on who will lead the next Avengers team since the end of Avengers: Endgame. As the roster of heroes continues to grow, with the addition of new characters, fans wonder who will be the new leader of the team. One theory suggests that Loki, the God of Mischief, could play a surprising role in Avengers 5.

Loki’s Role In Phase 4


While Phase 4 of the MCU has been about experimentation and introductions, the Loki series on Disney+ was the only project that was integral to Marvel Studios’ overarching story. The series introduced fans to the Multiverse, Variants, timelines, and Kang the Conqueror. Since Loki is the only MCU Disney+ series to receive a second season, fans expect that the God of Mischief has a significant role to play in the Multiverse Saga.

Why Loki Could Be The New Tony Stark

Iron Man - Tony Stark

Iron Man – Tony Stark

The theory suggests that Loki’s character arc is following a similar pattern to Tony Stark’s in the early stages of the MCU. Just as Tony’s driving motivation was to protect the planet from Thanos, Loki’s current motivation is to stop Kang from conquering the Multiverse. Loki’s character arc and efforts to prevent Kang’s threat parallels Tony’s efforts in Age of Ultron to stop Thanos’ threat from space.

In addition, both Tony and Loki are similar in their character arcs, as they have overcome their flaws to become heroes. While Tony was never a villain, his ego and selfishness are similar to Loki’s flaws as a familiar Asgardian.

Loki’s Potential As The Leader Of The Avengers



As characters continue to evolve in the Multiverse Saga, the theme of characters having to face versions of themselves to become heroes has emerged. Loki faced a Variant of himself in season 1 of his series, and other characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and Ant-Man have faced their Variants to overcome their obstacles.

In Phase 5, Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts, an antihero-led ensemble, is set to take center stage. The team consists of characters with shady pasts, making it the perfect team for another reformed baddie like Loki to lead.

While Sam Wilson’s Captain America seems like the most obvious choice to lead the Avengers into The Kang Dynasty, Anthony Mackie revealed in a recent interview that Sam may not be the one to fill that role. Since Sam is the only character without superpowers, he may struggle to fight a Thanos-level threat. On the other hand, Loki has dealt with the Multiverse and Kang, making him the most qualified character to lead the Avengers into the upcoming battle.

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