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Loki Season 2 May Feature The Council Of Kangs

By Mohit Srivastava
September 15,2022

Disney+’s Loki had a highly successful run in its first season, that had debuted last year. Fans and critics loved it alike. Tom Hiddleston has embraced the character so well that it almost became his alter ego. Soon Enough, Marvel Studios green-lit the second season of the series. Just a while ago, exclusive footage of the series was shown at Marvel’s D23 panel, along with all the returning cast members.

Those who attended the event received the treat. However, the unfortunate ones were left wondering what exactly the footage showed. But, some recent tweets from Matt Ramos, an attendee of the event have revealed some exciting things. One of which is – Loki Season 2 might reveal the Council Of Kangs.

What’s The Tweet?

Matt Ramos, on of the attendees of D23’s Marvel panel, revealed in his tweet that-

‘In the footage for Loki Season 2, Loki prunes this [the one behind Judge Renslayer in season 1] wall, and 3 heads are revealed to be behind it which is a reference to council of the Kangs.’

Another tweet from Erik Voss, (of ‘New Rockstars’ youtube channel) seemingly confirmed this news. His tweet read –

‘There’s also a shot where Loki chisels away a mural of the Time Keepers to reveal a wall of giant golden Kang variant faces.’

What is the Council of Kangs?

Council of Kangs as shown in Avengers (1963) #292

The Council of Kangs, in Marvel Comics, is a group of Kang variants led by Prime Kang (the first Kang from Other-Earth, Nathaniel Richards). Immortus, one of Kang’s older variants, tricked Prime Kang to eliminate all the divergent Kangs in the Multiverse. Immortus knew that if Prime Kang does that then it would clear the path of Prime Kang ultimately becoming Immortus in the future.

Initially, the Council of Kangs was composed of just three Kangs from different realities to eliminate all other Kangs. But once Kang destroyed his three counterparts, the Council of Kangs reformed – unbeknownst to him – made up of all divergent Kangs. The Council of Kangs has its headquarters at Kang Krossroads in an outer realm called – Limbo.

Council of Kangs first made their appearance in Avengers #267 (1986) and to date, the creators have given a number of iterations of its members. Their sole purpose is the discovery and possession of weapons within the Time Bubble (an extra-temporal space/time flux phenomenon, powerful enough to engulf entire universes). Check out our article on various Kang variants who are most likely to appear in The Mutant Saga here. There are thousands of members of Kang in the Council from either different times, different realities, or just someone posing as a Kang. But some of the notable members include –

  • Chairman Kang
  • Kang of Earth 123488.23497
  • Kang of Earth Menzoic-24
  • Kang Raulex, Kaseo and Swaach
  • Kang Nebula (Terminatrix)
  • Kang Cobra
  • Kang Kong
  • Kang “Orphan”
  • Kang Ransom

They are also known as the Council of Kross-Time Kangs, Cross-Time Kangs, Cross-Time Kangs Corps, Great Council, Kang-Korps, or Kross-Time Kangs Korps.

What does it mean for MCU?

Jonathan Majors as ‘He Who Remains’ in Loki

After a shakey Phase 4, MCU’s The Mutant Saga is eyeing to regain some of the lost trust of its fans. With Jonathan Majors magnificent performance as ‘He Who Remains’ in the first season of Loki, fans are drooling to see him more.

Marvel Studio has already confirmed that Majors will return as Kang in Loki Season 2 and the upcoming Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. And recently it has been confirmed that The Mutant Saga shall culminate with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars at the end of Phase Six in 2025. Therefore, it can safely be assumed that Majors will have multiple appearances in multiple projects playing different versions of Kang.

However, if the above reports are true, then the appearance of the Council of Kangs in Loki Season 2 will finally address the question of the real ‘Time-Keepers’ behind the TVA (Time Variance Authority). He Who Remains surely said that he created TVA in order to preserve the Sacred Timeline and ensure that no branching timelines occur to it. It is been widely believed that He Who Remains is basically the MCU’s counterpart of Immortus. Maybe that is why after creating TVA, he installed the Council of Kangs to administer the working of TVA.

Whatever the real truth is, it shall surely become more clear with time. Marvel shall surely release the footage to the public soon enough. Then maybe we will have more soil to dig into. Till then, Peace off.

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